Weight Watchers SmartPoints Formula?

I was looking around reading stuff tonight and found an interesting post at CalorieLab with their conjecture as to what the formula is for calculating the Weight Watchers SmartPoints in a food.  The post explains the formula and how to use it to estimate the SmartPoints in food if you are somewhere without a Weight Watchers calculator.

Three points:

  1.  I don’t know if this conjectured formula is totally correct or not.  I used it on about 10 foods and it gave a correct result on them.  I also played with their suggestion of how to use it to estimate points if you were, for example, at the grocery store and that was pretty accurate.  It might be off a little, but may be reasonably accurate to get a guesstimate.
  2. I personally would use this only to help me do a quick estimate if I was somewhere and I didn’t have my calculator with me and wanted to get an estimate.  And, if this is correct, I find it interesting to understand how the formula works conceptually. And, that is why I am posting this link.
  3. I would not use something like this as a substitute for joining Weight Watchers.  I think there are benefits from being a member, particularly a meeting member.  The meetings provide a lot of support and accountability and, for me, help keep me focused on weight loss.  And, truthfully, I think that Weight Watchers has spent money to develop its program and deserves to get the financial benefit from it.  I know some can’t afford to necessarily be a long term member, but there are usually times during the year when you can join without a paying a joining fee and buying the handheld calculator was only $9.95 at my meeting.


  1. Tim says

    I’ve been a Weight Watchers online only member since last summer. It is a sane, sensible approach to weight management and healthy eating, more so with the SmartPoints program.

    I enjoy reading your blog now and then.

  2. says

    I have been seriously considering joining Weight Watchers for some time now but I have always been wary of the joining fee. However, it seems the scale isn’t budging that no matter how hard I workout, Maybe now’s the best time to get into Weight Watchers, yeah? 🙂

    • says

      IF you are thinking about it, in most areas this is a good time to join because they have some specials that waive the joining fee. If you go to the Weight Watchers page you can find out what is available in your area.

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