An Interesting Day

Well, this was an interesting day, with a nice food victory.  And, I received some compliments also.  I’ve mentioned before that I work part-time from home.  I rarely have to go into my office.  But, today, I went in.  The last time I was there I had already lost almost 50 pounds.  My recollection is that I did get some compliments for looking good then, but not much comment about weight specifically.  Today, I had lost about 13 or 14 pounds since I last time I was there.  And, I had so many people comment (favorably) on my weight loss.  It was all great. But, it was surprising to me that this last little bit of weight loss caused so much more comment than my losing almost 50 pounds had caused.  I mentioned it to my husband afterwards and he said that he felt that the last 10 pounds I lost have by far made the most difference.  It is hard for me to see that myself, so I found it an interesting comment.

So, while I was there I was given a choice of a boxed lunch.  I chose the one that had a turkey sandwich in it.  It also had fruit, a pasta salad, a chocolate chip cookie, and a bag of chips with 2.5 servings!  So, this was a really big lunch meal:

Sandwich Salad Chips Cookie


Now, I was actually quite hungry so I did eat the sandwich, and the pasta salad, and all but the pineapple in the fruit.  I decided I would save the chips for another day, but would eat the cookie.  After doing that, I figured my SmartPoints.  I was at 34 SmartPoints!  (I know.  I should figure the SmartPoints first!) I had 4 SmartPoints for breakfast.  I get 30 daily SmartPoints and had 8 weekly SmartPoints left so my lunch used up all of those.  Of course, I still had the rest of the day to get through.  Friday is the last day of my Weight Watchers week and I will be home all day so 30 daily SmartPoints is fine for that.

The food victory was that I decided not to bring the chips home and didn’t just go totally off track.  I actually love potato chips and sometimes have a small bag at Panera’s (4 SmartPoints).  But this was a huge bag!  About 10 or 11 SmartPoints.  I was originally going to save them until the weekend when my new Weight Watchers week starts.  But, then I realized that I wouldn’t just eat a 4 SmartPoints serving.  I would eat the whole bag and would have frittered away a third of a day’s SmartPoints on them.  No way was that worth it.  So, I left the chips there!

You might wonder what I did since I had no daily or weekly points left after lunch. I had earned 29 FitPoints this week so far.  I also had 3 days where I ate 29 Daily SmartPoints, just under my 30 minimum (my calories eaten were fine, but it just pointed out to just under 30 daily points). While I don’t think I should eat all of my FitPoints, I elected to go ahead and eat about a third of them over the rest of the day.  I was OK with that.

In retrospect, I just ate too much at lunch.  I could have made better choices.  I could have skipped the cookie.  Or just eaten a couple of bites.  Or avoided the pasta salad, or taken the bread off the sandwich (I do that sometimes), or eaten it open faced, eating only half the bread.  I had better choices than those I made.

But, the worse choice of all would have been to bring the chips home, figure I had blown it and then eaten the chips and a lot more.   Leaving the chips behind and swapping my FitPoints kept me on program and allowed me to recover knowing I will do fine on Friday. And, for me, avoiding a worse potential disaster was a real victory.


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