February Weigh In

I did my official February weigh in this week.  I was up 1 pound to 144.6 pounds.  I am still 1.4 pounds below my goal weight and, frankly, when I weighed in at 143.6 pounds I thought that was low and not all of it was “real” weight loss and thought I might go up.  And, being even more frank, my eating was far less than stellar the last two weeks. Anyway, given how poorly I ate the last two weeks, I am totally happy with this month’s weigh in.

I ate all of my SmartPoints – daily, weekly and FitPoints – and ended in the negative. I was -12 SmartPoints this week and, well, -43 SmartPoints the week before.  So, the fact I went up only 1 pound is amazing to me, particularly when I had just reached a new low weight that I didn’t think was really solid.  Week before last my excuse was going 43 SmartPoints into the hole was that I ate out a lot.  This past week my excuse was…umm…I overate.  Note I realize that the eating out the week I went -43 SmartPoints was just an excuse.  I am perfectly capable of eating out and not going past my SmartPoints.

In fact, today, I went out to lunch after my meeting and went to The Counter.  I had a chicken burger in a bowl.  The entire meal was 525 calories, but due to all the protein, it was only 12 SmartPoints.  I was careful because this is a week when I will be eating out more than usual but I want to do better this week.  My goal is to stay within my SmartPoints.  I’m OK with eating a few of my FitPoints, but not all of them.

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