Tracking Steps on Weight Watchers Without An Activity Monitor

With the new changes to FitPoints, if you want to swap FitPoints and you don’t use an activity monitor, but you use eTools,  you need to track 3000 steps online for your baseline so you can swap the FitPoints you earn from purposeful activity.  If you use an activity monitor that syncs with Weight Watchers you don’t need to do that.  For those who don’t use one, log into My Day online.  Then, go to Activity:


Then, go to Steps.  When you do that you will get this screen:


If you are just wanting to record your baseline put in 3000 steps.  Depending on your weight, you will earn 3 to 5 FitPoints for those 3000 steps.  That is the baseline you have to meet each day for earned FitPoints before you can swap for food.  In my case, that works out to 3 FitPoints.

The language at the top indicates that if you aren’t using an activity tracker and you’ve completed your typical routine to give yourself 3000 steps.  If you walk beyond that day to day activity, then you can track that as a walk.

It is also pointed out that if you use an iPhone, you can use the Health app and will see steps from when you carried your phone.  You can then enter those steps.  Of course, don’t double count those steps! If you record the steps from carrying your iPhone don’t record all of them and then record a walk covering the same steps.  Just count them one time.


Weight Watchers also suggests that if you use an Android phone, you might download a pedometer app such as Google Fit.  Of course, all of these are only accurate to the extent you actually carry your phone with you while walking.

Something I haven’t tried but I think would work, if you have an iPhone or Android phone, is to  use MobileTrack which lets you use the Fitbit app without a Fitbit tracker.  Basically you use your phone like a Fitbit tracker.  You download the Fitbit app and then use your phone to track steps within the Fitbit app.  See these instructions for how to do this.  I personally have a Fitbit Charge HR but I have my iPhone set up as a back up step tracker to use while I am charging my Fitbit.

Anyway, I am not sure.  But, you might then be able to sync with Weight Watchers like you had a Fitbit even though you would be using your phone to count your steps.  I haven’t personally tried it so I don’t know if it would work.  If anyone does have a phone and no Fitbit tracker and tries this, let me know if it worked.

If it doesn’t, of course, you can manually track steps as above.  Another option, of course, is to buy a standalone pedometer.  Honestly, though, if I was going to do that I would just get an activity monitor.  I do think Weight Watchers is really encourages us to use an activity monitor.  I know not everyone wants or needs one, but I love mine.  I love seeing how many calories I burn all day and seeing how I do on steps.  It is motivating to me.



  1. Laura horner says

    Don’t like the way Ww are “forcing people to use fit bits etc I can’t use one due to a n implant not very DDA friendly I do cycle every day for30 min. And when I first logged onto the new app and recorded regular exercise I was given additional daily points

    • says

      That is a good point. I didn’t realize that some couldn’t use activity monitors. Yes, in your situation just record the 3000 steps a day to get your baseline taken care of.

      • Laura says

        My implant is a bit like a pacemaker connected to implants in my brain. When I got it 2.5 years ago my consultant warned me not to use weighing machines that measure additional things such as fat etc as they use a current of electricity that can disturb the setting on the implant. Fit bits were not so common then but I am pretty sure the same would apply . Same I guess would go for anyone with a pacemaker . Never looked at the information that comes with one. Interestingly when I logged on again to the WW app with smart points my daily SP went up 4 more points than I had been told at my meeting. I am trying to eat the lesser amount as I am nearly at goal but finding these last few pounds hard, and only losing about 0.5 per week. Any idea why this might be? Is it common or is it me looking forward to goal and relaxing off a bit? I am at a size I want to be now, a size 8 English which I think is a size 4 in US . This is about my size when I was in my early 20s so I am happy with that. I was a size 18 before I started WW last April.

  2. marge kaufmann says

    I also can not use any tracker at work. I work in a food division, no jewelry, no buttons on shirts. Maybe W.W. should have thought this out a little more. also I bike over 100 miles a week and there isn’t anyway to get that on activities either.:-(

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