Maintenance Members Can Now Set Their Daily & Weekly SmartPoints

Finally!  Members on maintenance can now set their Daily and Weekly SmartPoints!

Maintenance Points

The default had been to simply add 6 Daily SmartPoints and leave the Weekly SmartPoints untouched.  And, with SmartPoints, maintenance members had been unable to modify their points online.  This was a problem for some members on maintenance, particularly those who found that an extra 6 Daily SmartPoints weren’t enough for them to maintain.  They found that they needed to eat even more in order to keep from losing.  But, there was no way online to set a new SmartPoints target. Of course, it has always been the rule on maintenance that you would continue to add points until you were no longer losing.  But, it was disconcerting to many to have to go into negative SmartPoints online.

Another issue for many was that during maintenance they would much rather have extra Weekly SmartPoints than more daily SmartPoints.  I would fall within that group if I had Weight Watchers set to maintain.  Since I am still wanting to lose a few pounds I have my objective set to losing weight.  But, it is nice to know that if I do want to maintain I can set my own SmartPoints target.  I already know that I would give myself more weekly SmartPoints.

That said, there are limitations as to how much customization is allowed.

For, Daily SmartPoints the minimum remains 30, while the maximum can be as much as 93!

Maintenance Daily Points

For Weekly SmartPoints, alas, the range is much narrower: 14 to 42.

Maintenance Weekly Points

While I am glad to see the greater flexibility for maintenance members, it would have been nice to allow the possibility of more than 42 weekly SmartPoints.

Back in the PointsPlus day, members set to lose weight were able to vary their daily PointsPlus (not their weekly PointsPlus).  That ability to choose your own SmartPoints target has not been implemented.  Since I am at my Weight Watchers goal weight and could choose to set myself on maintenance, I could theoretically still plan to lose weight, but could modify my SmartPoints target (within the ranges that are given).  What I don’t know is whether someone not at goal weight, could select maintenance and then customize daily and weekly SmartPoints targets.

This is a welcome change and is one of several recent changes I’ve noticed online to improve functionality of the online eTools.  For example, when you go to track an item, there is now a drop down menu where you can track an item without having to select the item and then go to the tracker and then come back and do a new search.  Now, you track the item right from the screen where you found the item and you can then move to a new item without having to go back to the tracker.


And, the online calculator clearly states which values are required to be input and which are optional.  And, the annoying bug that required entering values of 0 twice in order to get a valid result, seems to be fixed.  I am glad to see these improvements being made, although there are some things that still need to be done.

Still, it is great to now that when I do decide to maintain, I will be able to select SmartPoints daily and weekly targets that are more customized for me.


  1. Cara says

    I am above goal, but decided to set my profile to maintenance, and I have access to the point setting pull-down menus. I tend to eat in a lower carb, higher fat manner, with limited fruit, and felt I could use the extra 6 SmartPoints a day to cover the fat penalty. I did this yesterday after going through 30 SmartPoints for 820 calories of food. I have not upped my Weekly SmartPoints allowance, but I may end up setting my Daily Target back to 30 and up the Weekly for more flexibility. This would be an interesting experiment for all those who are griping about the new plan being too low in calories because of their dietary preferences, and who are upset about being in the red all the time.

  2. Jasmine says

    I am currently 2.3kgs (5lb) below my goal weight. I am finding it hard to eat my 36 daily and havent gone into my weekly yet which has gone down from 35 to 28

  3. Kris koch says

    I need a chart that tells me how many weekly points I get for my weight. I’m 160 pounds now and my goal is 130 pounds. This is for smart points program and I can’t find this info. Thank you.

    • says

      When you join Weight Watchers they ask you questions about your height, weight, and age and assign you both daily points and weekly points based upon them. As you lose weight, these change.

  4. says

    I am not losing weight and have cut my points to only 21 and im starving- – when i eat too much fruit i GAIN- weight
    Currently i am 135 and am 5’5′ = i still have 5 pounds left- how many points should i have and how many bonus points-
    Robyn Gold recently posted…October Weigh InMy Profile

    • says

      Well I weigh in the mid-140s and am a little shorter than you and I am at the minimum of 30 daily points and get 28 weekly points. 30 is the current minimum for daily points. I’m not sure how many weekly points you would get. While I sometimes go under 30 daily points, I would be starving it I tried to eat 21 daily points on a consistent basis. If I was you, I think I would go and double track calories to see how many calories I was actually eating. Weight loss does slow as you get thinner and are within a normal BMI. But, I would check out calories. If you go to meetings you might also track carefully for a week and show your tracker to your leader to see if she/he could figure out what is going on (track 0 point foods so that could be seen as well).

      Are you carefully weighing and measuring food? I would check that and be really consistent. I don’t eat a lot of fruit servings myself and mostly stick to lower calorie veggies (I do eat some berries).

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