Wrong Steps in Weight Watchers Activity Log

Hmmm…  Now, yesterday was not a stellar day for me.  I walked only 3034 steps which would work out to my baseline of 3 FitPoints.

Fitbit Steps

However, I like to see my data as correct on Weight Watchers.  This is why I wasn’t happy the other day when I discovered an error so that some of my activity was being double-counted.  Now, I am finding my steps aren’t all being counted.  I was surprised when I went into the Activity Log and found that I only had credit for a little over 600 steps.  I assumed then that this was because the Fitbit had not recently synced so I hit the link to “Sync with your Fitbit app.”

And, this is the result:

Wrong Steps

As you can see, the updating didn’t help.  It still says I have 603 steps for 1 FitPoint.  I double-checked to make sure the Fitbit Dashboard shows my correct steps for yesterday (it does).  I then disconnected my Fitbit from my Weight Watchers account and then re-connected it, hoping that would help.  It didn’t.

I could, of course, manually add the missing steps to Weight Watchers by going to activity and then entering the steps that haven’t been recorded.  And, in fact, that is what I did.  However, there is some possibility that the sync will get corrected and will show the proper steps.  If that occurs, I will need to go back and delete the steps I manually added.  Perhaps this post will remind me to do that if that happens.

As always, when I come across stuff like this, I sent in feedback to Weight Watchers pointing out the problem.  I am sure they want to fix this kind of thing.  The best thing I can do to help that along is to point out these kinds of problems as they happen.

I always assume that if something like this happens to me, it may happen to others.  So, carefully check that your activity monitor steps are being properly synced.  If not, send in feedback to Weight Watchers.  And, you can manually add the steps if you want.  Just remember to remove them if the syncing problem gets solved and you retroactively get the missing steps.


  1. Marissa says

    I had this happen the other day. Go to the daily view for activity, go to the wrong day, and the sync. That fixed it for me.

    • says

      That is really interesting. So, I went to do that. And now I can only see a weekly view for activity. I can’t see a daily view any more at all. I can see it as a daily view on the mobile app, but that doesn’t give me the option to sync.

  2. Kristin Carter says

    I have a “MisFit” and I have a problem with the double counting. I wind up with an insane amount of FitPoints. Yesterday, I walked a total of 7750 steps — it gave me 11 points for that. It then gave me another 4 points for a 30 minute walk I did, and another 1 point for I guess some other brisk walking I did — even though those walks are PART OF the origninal 7750. So I wound up with 16 FitPoints for 1 day. When my weekly total goal of FitPoints is 18 points, something must be wrong.

  3. Marissa says

    I just figured this out, and wanted to share. I went to the prior day in the Fitbit app, forced it to sync (device->sync now), then went into the activity log and clicked on the “sync with Fitbit app” link. I had to repeat that for each day that was wrong.

    • Debra says

      Doesn’t work for me. No steps recorded for yesterday or today, although it says it updated at 3:29 am this morning. My fitbit was on the charger at that time. Weight watchers tech unable to help.

      • says

        What kind of activity monitor are you using? On my Fitbit I have had it occasionally not show steps after I had recently synced my Fitbit with the dashboard. It usually fixes itself fairly quickly though.

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