Anniversary Dining Out Update

The day before going out for my anniversary, I posted about what I ate that day and my plans for handling eating out on my anniversary.   I just wanted to update how it went.

I did end up sticking to my plan. We ate out mid-afternoon and I had what I had planned: the Kung Pao Shrimp, small, steamed.  I ended up getting both a Vegetable Spring Roll (4 SmartPoints) and a Vietnamese Chicken Salad Roll with a little peanut sauce (7 SmartPoints).  I had both because I overslept Sunday morning so had a late breakfast and I knew that we were eating late enough I wouldn’t have a large meal in the evening.  The total of the meal was 28 SmartPoints.  I ended Sunday with 12 Weekly SmartPoints left to last me through Friday.  I had aimed for having at least 10 left, so I was happy to end up with a couple of more.  I was glad that I decided to eat at a restaurant where I could easily make my points and calories work.  That allowed me to enjoy the occasion without any stress.

The only negative was on the exercise front.  I had taken Friday off from exercising, since I was a little sore from my personal training session on Friday.  I had thought we would take a walk outside on Sunday.  But, it was raining so it ended up being a sedentary day.  That means I really need to exercise every day for the rest of this week (which ends on Friday).


  1. Carolyn H. says

    I admire your attitude about dining out; you look for the positives in balancing the occasion with the food. Eating out has been such a big part of our family’s day-to-day lifestyle, as well as our first option for celebrations, that this is probably one of the most difficult aspects of my weight management experience. After several years of working the WW plan, I still find myself whining internally about how “unfair” it is that I can’t just order what I want every time we eat out even when I know it’s not a question of fairness.
    I have made some progress though. My husband and I just celebrated his birthday at CPK and I used their great online nutritional table to select the Zucchini Scampi dinner and Barley Pea soup for under 20 SP without feeling deprived. I recommend both.

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