March Weigh In & Reverse Tracking Update

A few things to mention today:

March Weigh In

I did my March weigh in today and I was down .2 pounds to 144.4 pounds.

Weigh in End

I was particularly happy about this because I had a couple of really bad weeks both before and after my February weigh in,  I was actually up a pound in February above my January weigh in and given how badly I did for about 4 weeks, I am delighted to be down .2 pounds since February 6.  To put it in perspective, on February 6 I was at 144.2 pounds at home and weighed in at 144.6 pounds.  Today I was at 144 pounds at home and weighed in at 144.4 pounds.  But, on February 16, at home I was at 148.6 pounds!  So, yes, I am delighted to have gotten back on track and gotten even a small loss today.

Mobile App Changes

Oh, when I took the screenshot on my phone of the above graph I noticed that there were some updates to the mobile app (I am using the iOS app so I don’t know about the change to any other mobile app).  The graph is a little different.  To show it, I actually set it to so the entire period of time from when I went back to Weight Watchers in August, 2010.  I could tap on the circles and show in a black rectangle the exact weight such as here where I show my starting weight:

Weigh In Start

I could also move my finger along the graph and where I moved it would show the weight for that point:

Weigh In Mid

For example, the above is my weight at the high point of my regain in 2013.

I liked how I could move my finger on the graph and could see the specific weight as I moved over the graph.  What I didn’t like is that the dates on the bottom don’t give a year.  For example, 10/20 on the graph was in 2012 while the next entry on 10/25 was in 2013.  I also didn’t like it that the left of the graph didn’t show weight increments.

That said, the graph is meant to be a quick look my weight loss progress (or lack thereof).  For precision, you can see individual weights on the weight table:

Weigh In Chart

This is good because it shows not only the weight, but the change since the last weigh in and the change since the beginning.

Another change to the mobile app is that when you record something from favorites, you stay in favorites so you can record something else.  If you eat a lot of the same foods that is a nice feature.  I think there may be some other changes, but they aren’t things I use so don’t know the details.

Reverse Tracking Update

I posted the other day about Reverse Tracking.  I talked about what it is, how to do it, and that I was trying it.  After a week on it, I am absolutely sticking with it for now.  Basically, with Reverse Tracking you start your Weight Watchers day at the time of day that is most challenging for you.  That gives you all of your daily points to use at that time.  For me, I found that what worked the best was to start my “day” at the earlier of 5:00 PM or my dinner.  So, let’s say I ate 15 Daily SmartPoints on Thursday from 5:00 PM until I went to bed.  I would record those 15 SmartPoints in the slot for dinner and snack on Friday.  When I would get up on Friday morning, dinner and snacks would be filled in already with what I ate Thursday evening and I would know that I had 15 SmartPoints left to eat from the time I got up until 5:00 PM.

This worked great.  I found it easy to do.  In my case, this week, I also swapped my FitPoints before Weekly Points.  So, if I had 15 Daily SmartPoints left when I got up in the morning, I knew that if I ate beyond that it would first come from FitPoints.  Overall, it was far less stressful for me to get up in the morning already having the dinner and evening snacks tracked.  It is evenings that are most difficult for me.  If it is 10:00 PM and I want to eat something it is hard for me to say I will wait until I get up the next morning (particularly since I don’t usually get to bed before 2:00 AM).  On the other hand, if it is 3:00 PM in the afternoon and I have no SmartPoints left for the day it is much easier for me to tell myself to wait until 5:00 PM.  I am finding that doing this way is just so much easier for me.

Given how much more relaxed I felt this week and how well the reverse tracking worked, I am sticking with it.  I am also continuing the swapping FitPoints before Weekly SmartPoints as I felt that worked well also.


  1. Betty says

    Thanks Kitty! Based on your post last week, I also tried reverse tracking–I like it and for now I’m sticking with it. I also felt less stress in the evening and felt more in control during the day. Unfortunately the WW software and app update did not go well–my starting weight was the most recent weigh-in so it shows a huge mountain up. I’m also missing whole months of weekly weights. I contacted tech support and they were unable to help and told me to check back later.

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