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I noticed yesterday that there were some changes to the front page you see when you go to My Day on Weight Watchers using a browser.  I explored this using both Chrome and Firefox browsers.  While I think some of the changes are good, there are some major bugs that still exist.

Here is a screenshot of what the new page looks like when I go to My Day:

New MyDay

Since it can be sometimes difficult to see what changes have occurred, here is a past screenshot from that page when it was in beta.  Obviously, after it was no longer in beta it didn’t have the part about opening the classic plan manager.

WW Beta Dashboard chat

With that exception you can see some differences.  A minor difference in that on the top bar, on the right, there is a circle with my initials instead of a circle with a person in it.

The big change is the bottom bar that did say “Track Food or Activity” and had to the right options for Quick Add, Favorites, My Foods, Activity, and Weight.  You can see that this line is first changed by having a weight background instead of dark blue background.  The search box adds in recipes (although from feedback on the Weight Watchers message boards this is apparently only for Weight Watchers recipes).  Note that Quick Add and Activity is no longer on that bar.  However, the bar on the right now has a drop down box for create.  Create has a drop down for Quick Add, Calculator, Meal and Recipe.  If you click on a choice you are sent to the place to create those items.  The one I use the most often is the Calculator.  Before you had to go to Quick Add and then you got a choice to go to Calculator.  Overall, I like the drop down better.

The option to give feedback at the top of the page is no longer there.  However, if you click on your initials in the upper right corner, there is a drop down which gives you the option to give feedback.  Also, at the bottom of the page, to the right of community, is an option to give feedback.

Before when you clicked on Activity in the bar you got a list of popular activities you could track with Steps at the top.  You can still get there but you have to go to the Activity Log and then click on Track Activity and then the list is brought up of popular activities.  Of course, you can search for an activity in the search bar on the first page.  While this is a bit tedious, you can make an activity a favorite.  When you go to favorites, there is a tab for Activity and you can find those favorite activities there.

Overall, I think most of the changes on the My Day page are positive.  I like the drop down for Create and feel that is a bit more intuitive than just having to know that you go to Quick Add to find the calculator (which never made much sense to me).  I am OK with Feedback being in the drop down on the upper right and having another option at the bottom of the page.

There are two main problems with these changes.  First, bugs were introduced.  You can now theoretically search your Favorites or My Foods on the browser.  Before, you couldn’t do that (you could do it on the mobile app only).  The problem is that it is beyond buggy.

Here are some examples.  This is a screenshot of what happens when I go to Favorites and put in the letter “a” as a search:

MyFavorites search A

On the positive side, it does find the two foods that I have in Favorites that start with the letter “A”, although it is strange that the search finds Athenos before Antep.  Oh, wait.  I think I know what is going on.  The search is putting them in order by SmartPoints (lowest to highest) rather than alphabetically. That is fine for a search with a few options, but I would rather have it alphabetical.

The weird thing is the third item which you can see is a food item that has an “A” in it, but it doesn’t start with the letter “A.”  OK, that’s fine.  What is weird is that I have a ton of Favorites that have an “A” in them but they aren’t shown here.

Here is a search for the letter “e” which turns up only one food.

MyFavorites search e

Now, I actually have a lot of foods that have an “e” in their name.  In fact, I have two other Enlightened bars that are in my Favorites.  But, only the one shows up.

But, even more often, many searches give this result:

Favorites H

And, yes, I even have Favorites that start with the letter “h” as well as Favorites containing that letter.  And, I haven’t been able to find anything at all when I search My Food. In fact, there are some foods I created that I can find when I search Favorites but I can’t find them when I search My Food.

So, honestly, this search function is not yet ready for prime time…or any time for that matter.  As always, I encourage everyone to try this out and give feedback to Weight Watchers regarding any bugs found.

The other big issue I have with this is all the things I would like to see changed that haven’t been changed.  For example, I want to see the total number of SmartPoints I have eaten each day.  We see that on the mobile app.  It should be able to be seen on the browser.  Also, I would like a drop down so I could back to a past date without having to scroll through each prior date.

And, I dislike how getting to the message boards is so difficult.  You have to go to the bottom of the page and click on community and then you can go through some more clicks and finally get there.  I know Weight Watchers wants to promote Connect on the mobile app.  That is fine.  I don’t tend to use it as I mostly use my computer, but I know some like it.  But, I actually prefer the threaded discussions on the message boards and don’t like it being so hard to find them.

And, I especially want to see changes to the Weight section on the browser.  Bring back graphs and the nice table showing past weight.  Again, you can get these on the mobile app, but I want them on the browser as well.  My understanding is that Weight Watchers says graphs will return (not sure about the table) so I hope this turns up soon.

Again, if you haven’t given feedback as to missing features, I encourage doing so.


  1. Sally Morris says

    Along with the difficulty of getting to Message Boards is the same problem with Challenges. Luckily I bookmarked mine in the olden days, but now it is hard to find if I am on a different computer. I am unhappy it is not available on mobil. Grrrrr. Also wish those that have finished could be removed. Haven’t found a way.

  2. Sue-Rae says

    I find tracking on the Droid app way easier than on the site itself. I have not seen the new My Day page yet, as I have bookmarked my profile page, challenges, groups etc. I find navigating the site painful. It took me 15 min to figure out where to enter my eTools code earlier this month I leave lots of feedback both on the site and via phone I feel like they just don’t care

  3. says

    Everything you said = “yeah, that”

    I really hate the new (is it technically “new” at this point? It’s four months old!) site.

    After reading your post, I actually got a little excited, because I didn’t know that they’d FINALLY made my recipes searchable. They DO come up, but when I click on it…it just hangs there and the details never come up, so it can’t be tracked. >:( Seriously!? It’s been four months! When will this stop being in “beta” mode!?

    I prefer using the desktop app, so WW tracking has become extremely frustrating since December. :/

    I definitely miss the old site!!
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