Great Week With Changing My Start Day

I posted earlier about changing the start of my week to Monday even though I weigh in on Saturdays.  I wanted to report back that it ended up working out really well.  I am swapping FitPoints before Weekly SmartPoints with a goal to not eat my Weekly SmartPoints most weeks, but feeling free to eat my FitPoints that are above my baseline.

I ended the week with all of my Weekly SmartPoints and 1 FitPoint left that I could have swapped. I earned 48 FitPoints, of which 28 could be swapped for food.  I ate 27 of my FitPoints.  In a way, of course, that is the same as simply eating 27 of my 28 Weekly SmartPoints and none of my FitPoints.

But, I see it differently.  To eat those 27 FitPoints I had to earn enough FitPoints over my baseline that would allow me to swap FitPoints for food.  For me, the first 3 FitPoints I earn are my baseline and can’t be swapped for food.  There is no doubt that I was more diligent about earning FitPoints knowing I was swapping them first.  

Now, I had been doing that for a few weeks.  But, as I talked about in my last post, I found it hard to stay motivated when my week started on Saturday which is my weigh in day.  I would go out to eat and use Weekly SmartPoints (having not yet earned FitPoints) and then spent the rest of the week refilling the FitPoints.  That just wasn’t a great feeling so it hurt my motivation.

Now, with starting my week on Monday, I was able to build up FitPoints so I had them available for this weekend (we often go out to eat on Saturday and Sunday).  In fact, I went back and checked my Fitbit records and this was my best week of the year.  I burned over a 100 calories a day more than I had been burning for most of this year.  And, I ended up eating less food and averaged 1256 calories a day.  The result was that I had the highest calorie deficit (per Fitbit) that I have had this year.

I didn’t weigh in yesterday at Weight Watchers as I had already weighed in for March.  But, if I continue doing what I am doing this will work well for me.  I am not sure if I will have any loss in April.  The two weeks before this week, I flat out overate.  So, I was up a bit from that.  But, this week I was able to do what I had planned to do — eat FitPoints and not Weekly SmartPoints — and I ended up burning more calories and having a greater calorie deficit.

At this point, starting my Weight Watchers week on a day different from my weigh in works well for me. The main reason I am doing this, by the way, is because I eat out on the day I weigh in and usually eat out the next day.  Because of that, I always start out in the hole if I swap FitPoints first.  If, for example, I weighed in on Wednesday and ate out on the weekend, then I would probably align my start of the week to the day I weigh in.  But, that isn’t how I do it so that is why I chose to move the start of my week.  I guess I could have changed my actual weigh in date, but I like my leader so I don’t want to do that.


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