Received New Fitbit Blaze Bands

In my last review of my Fitbit Blaze, I mentioned that I had ordered a leather band and a stainless steel band.

They arrived yesterday.  I was really pleased with how they look.


As I mentioned in my review post, the leather and stainless steel bands from Fitbit come with a frame.  Many third party bands and the Classic Bands from Fitbit do not include a frame.

As you can see, my plum band (this came with my Fitbit) has to be held down as it won’t lay flat.  The leather band does lay flat which is nice.  The stainless steel has a clasp rather than a buckle. [Read more…]

Preparing and Pre-Op Appointment

I am starting to really get ready for my facial cosmetic surgery on May 9th. I had a long list of tasks to do before hand and lots of stuff to buy.  For example, last weekend I bought a couple of shirts to wear after surgery that button down the front.


One of the things that I did was get my hair colored.  I will not be able to color it for about 6 weeks after surgery.  I also took the opportunity to color my hair.  I have colored my hair red for the past several years.  Even before my hair started graying, I colored my hair most of my life.  I had very dark natural hair with very pale skin and I often felt my hair looked really harsh against my skin.

I think this was around the time I graduated college

I was about 21 in this picture. (And, I hated my upper eyelids even then).

So, I usually did something to my hair most of my adult life like in my 30s, when I had highlights in my dark hair.

I was down a little bit here, but still had a little double chin.

About 20 years or so ago, I mostly started wearing my hair red.  (Of course, if you look through my photos you can see I’ve pretty much had it every color).

I had gained some after getting married, but was in the 150s here.

I liked the red a lot, but as I have gotten older it is harder for graying hair to hold on to the red color.  I had managed by being careful not to shampoo too often, but after getting a perm a few months ago my hair hasn’t held onto the red color really at all.  After washing my hair once or twice, it basically just looked like a medium, boring brown (my least favorite color ever).  So, last month, I liked my hair right after I came home from the hairdressers, but was unhappy after I had washed it a couple of times.

So, when I went to get my hair done I wanted to change the color to something less likely to fade.  One option was to color my hair to my original color.  While I am graying, I do have some of my original color left so I could do that.  But, as mentioned, I think my original color was really harsh against my pale skin even when I was younger and is super harsh now.  So, that was out.  I also didn’t want anything I felt was boring.  One way to add something more to hair is to add highlights and lowlights.  The problem with doing that with a perm is that often with the curl any highlights or lowlights tend to just blend in.  I had highlights already in my hair, but once I had the permanent they didn’t show up hardly at all.

Another factor was I wanted to do something noticeably different from the red.  One recommendation often made to people having cosmetic surgery is to make some change to your hair.  Afterwards, people will notice there is something different about you but will often chalk it up to the change to your hair.  I didn’t want to cut my hair (I am in the process of growing it out shoulder length), so thought a new color would be something different. Of course, not that there is much secret that I am having surgery.  I mean here it is right here.  But, still.

I finally decided I would go with a medium brown base with chunky blond highlights and red lowlights.  I went to the hairdresser Saturday to do it.  I liked it, but the highlights weren’t chunky enough given my perm.  That is, the highlights would have been fine if I had straight hair, but with the curl they tended to blend in.  So, Monday morning, I went back and she did more highlights.  I was very happy with the result.  This is still a bit of a work in progress, but I felt like it did what I wanted. [Read more…]

My Birthday

Today is my 62nd birthday.  I had a great day.  It is also 2 years since my husband got to goal weight.  While I still don’t like the loose skin on my face, I was reasonably happy with some of my pictures today.  And, they are most certainly better than the loose skin pics without makeup I posted the other day.




We had a birthday dinner out with kids at Outback.  I basically ate what I wanted and shared a dessert with everyone.  Tomorrow is my pre-op in advance of my facial plastic surgery so I am looking forward to that.

Fitbit Blaze Review Updated

I received my Fitbit Blaze in late February and posted a First Look review at that time.

Blaze Today Steps

Now that I have been using it for almost 2 months, I wanted to give an update about how I like it.  This is the 4th Fitbit that I’ve used.  I started with a Fitbit One, then moved to a Fitbit Force.  The Force was recalled so I went back to the One. When the ChargeHR came out, I bought it.  Now, I have the Blaze.  Overall, I like the Blaze the most of any Fitbit I’ve used. It has a couple of features that I would not want to give up.  Two of my absolute deal breaker features at this point are heart rate monitor plus being able to change the band.  The only Fitbit to have both of those features at this point is the Blaze.  I’ve read that Fitbit has supposedly said that all future Fitbits will be modular so that they have bands that can be changed.  If so, that won’t be a problem in the future.  I am still persuaded that for what I want to do the Fitbit Blaze has the best mix of features of any activity monitor, including those not made by Fitbit.  That said, there are definitely things I don’t like about it.  Here are a few of my thoughts at this point. [Read more…]