Why I Like Weighing in At Weight Watchers

Today was an object lesson to me on why weighing in at Weight Watchers has been a key component to my weight loss.  I made the mistake of going out shopping without having had lunch.  I was at the grocery store with my husband and realized that, by then, I was absolutely ravenous.  I considered buying a sandwich at the grocery store.  I was at a point where I had 13 SmartPoints left to eat between then and 5:00 PM (since I am reverse tracking and my new day starts at 5:00).  I decided not to do that and mentioned to my husband that I was starving.  He asked if I wanted to go next door and get Subway.  Now, I could have done that for 13 SmartPoints.  But, I’ve learned it is best not to walk in a place like that when I am ravenous.

In the end I said that I would eat something when we got home (about 20 minutes later).  Here’s the thing.  The factor that tipped me to going home and eating was that tomorrow is the first Saturday in April and I will be weighing in at Weight Watchers.  Now, I am in no danger of weighing in more than 2 pounds over my goal weight and having to pay.  But, at this point, I am expecting a loss tomorrow.  This morning I weighed at home at 142.6 pounds which is my lowest weight in the last 25 years!  It might bounce up a bit by in the morning, but even so I expect to have a loss in the morning when I weigh in.

And, that is motivating to me.  So, I went home and had an 8 point lunch and will soon have a 5 point afternoon snack.  But, if I hadn’t been weighing tomorrow I would have probably have had a sandwich out.  And, I would have eaten more than 13 SmartPoints.  I have points available to do that.  I have over 20 FitPoints available to swap, plus all of my Weekly SmartPoints.  But, if I eat some of those points today then there is a good chance I have some water retention and jump up in weight and won’t do as well tomorrow.

Now, that I am at goal, I only weigh in once a month (I can optionally weigh in more often, but don’t have to).  I think this is actually a factor in why I have only lost a few pounds since getting back to goal last July.  When I was not back to goal weight, I weighed in every week.  And, I structured everything to wanting to have a loss when I weighed in.  So, I ate lightly the day or two before weigh in.  And, if I was tempted to really go off the rails I would remember that I had to weigh in on Saturday.  And, just remembering that would help me to make choices that would be conducive to a good weigh in.  Yes, I had weeks that I gained, but having to weigh in really helped me to stay on track. Now that I weigh monthly, I only have that structured weigh in once a month.

I know weighing help somewhere other than home may not be something that helps everyone.  Some of you can just weigh on your own and do fine.  And, I am not saying that weighing in at Weight Watchers is the only way to do it.  For example, if I wasn’t happy with Weight Watchers, I have always thought that TOPS sounded intriguing.  But, for me, weighing in on my own just isn’t enough.

Several years ago, I decided to go back to Weight Watchers and I did the online program.  Yes, I was supposed to weigh in each week.  But, I found it easy to lose focus and intensity.  If my weigh in was going to be Saturday, I found it easy to postpone it.  If my husband suggested going out to eat on Friday, I would do it and rationalize that it wouldn’t hurt to put off my weigh in a day or two.  But, then something else would come up and I would postpone it again.  And, again.  The result was that I was just spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.  I found it way too easy to just postpone weighing and to say I would do better next week.

Once I went back to meetings and weighing in every week, I started making progress.  I cared about having a loss each week and I worked to achieve it.  I’m not sure why that made such a big difference to me.  I have never had someone weigh me at a Weight Watchers meeting who said or did anything negative when I didn’t have a loss.  It wasn’t them.  It was me.  I wanted to see a loss when I would go to meetings.  So, I structured the week to make it likely that would occur.  And, when I had week after week of losses, it finally added up to a lot of weight loss.


  1. Tonya says

    I too do better weighing in at a meeting. I’m lifetime, but far from my goal weight, I just rejoined after being away for several years. I’m just curious why you don’t weigh in at a meeting more often than once a month. I know that’s all you’re required to do, but it you find it helps keep you focused, why not got more often?

    • says

      I actually go to a meeting almost every week. But, I don’t usually weigh in (occasionally I do). The basic reason is that during the month my weight fluctuates a bit as I don’t schedule my eating based upon weighing every Saturday. So, if I weigh in tomorrow (first Saturday of the month), I might go out to eat on the Friday before the next Saturday since I know I don’t have to weigh in. I’m OK on points, but may be up since I ate out. And, writing this, I do realize that I would probably (certainly) lose more weight if I did structure my eating to weigh in weekly. And, maybe I should go ahead and do that instead of just weighing monthly.

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