April Weigh In and Reverse Tracking Update

I weighed in for April this morning and picked up a couple of new charms, which I placed on my Pandora bracelet that I put my Weight Watchers charms on:

New Charms

The 4 month charm is for 16 weeks attendance (I have done this many, but haven’t usually gotten a charm) and the one on the right is for the attendance charm for attending 4 out of 5 weeks.

I had a great weigh in and was at 142.8 pounds, which is down 1.6 pounds from my March weigh in.  This gives me a total loss of 64.6 pounds!  This is the best loss I’ve had in a long time.  I started reverse tracking at the end of February.  Not long after that, I began swapping FitPoints before Weekly SmartPoints.  I was doing fairly well with this, but then changed the start date of my week to be Monday instead of my weigh in day of Saturday.  The combination of these things have made things really easy for me since I started doing all of them.

The most important change, though, has been the reverse tracking.  My week starts in Monday.  My goal this week was to eat FitPoints before Weekly SmartPoints and to have all of my FitPoints (beyond the baseline) available to use today and tomorrow.  That meant eating 30 SmartPoints daily from Monday to Friday.  I was open to eating a few of the FitPoints during that time, but it turned out it wasn’t even remotely necessary.

Recording dinner and evening snacks as the start of my Weight Watchers day made it super easy the next morning.  For example, if I have an evening where I eat 19 SmartPoints, then I wake up the next morning knowing I have 11 SmartPoints to eat before 5:00 PM.  I usually eat 4 SmartPoints for breakfast (occasionally a little different).  So, that would leave something like a 5 SmartPoint lunch and a 2 SmartPoint Enlightened Bar snack for the afternoon.

On the other had, if I ate 13 SmartPoints in the evening, I would wake up to 17 SmartPoints available for the morning and afternoon.  I would have the same 4 SmartPoint breakfast.  But, I could eat a much larger lunch and then could have 5 SmartPoints of pistachios in the afternoon.

I am finding this way of tracking super easy to do because evenings are my more challenging time.  I find it much easier to have all my points available for then, while finding it easy to manage what is left during the next morning and afternoon.



  1. says

    I think to make the program work, each individual needs to tweek the program to their own specs. This week, I looked in the freezer and decided each of the days what I’m having for dinner and put in one of my usual breakfast go tos; this way I know how many points I have to use for the rest of the day. Since my office seems to eat out mostly for lunch, I know what amount of points I can use and make my choices accordingly. I also have switched to using Fit Points before Weekly Points. I’m not a very active person; but when I see my weeklies start to go down….I know I need to up the activity to get them back! I’m not totally in love with Smart Points; but I’m trying to make changes to make it work for me. I don’t care about 3 to 7 lb weekly losses that many in my meeting have; as long as the scale is moving in the right direction – that’s all that matters!

  2. Sheryl says

    Thank you very much for your explanations about reverse tracking. I too enjoy most of my food in the evenings, and I feel this would work very well for me. Actually, I don’t like eating in the morning. I feel sluggish and tired afterward, no matter how healthy the breakfast. Black coffee or coffee with milk is perfect for me and keeps me going for several hours. I am going to start next Friday, the first day of my diet week. Please keep us updated about reverse tracking.

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