Ordered a Jewelry Armoire

OK, so as part of the whole self improvement thing and trying to do things I haven’t done for years and improving appearance, etc. I ordered a jewelry armoire.  Specifically, I ordered this Hives and Honey armoire from Amazon (not an affiliate link, just showing what I bought).

I know this might sound like it doesn’t really have much to do with weight loss and self improvement, but it does.  Way, way, back in the day before I got married I really enjoyed jewelry.  I always wore earrings and often had on a necklace or bracelet or some rings.  In the first couple of years after I got married, I added to my collection.  But, post-pregnancy I slowly quit wearing most of my jewelry.  Part of it was that I had gained a lot of weight and I was in that whole “what’s the use” mentality I talked about yesterday.  Another part of it was that I had stretched my ear lobes and it was hard to wear most of my earrings.  I also couldn’t wear my wedding ring or engagement ring because they didn’t fit me after gaining weight.  And, over the years, because of these factors I just slowly all but stopped wearing jewelry.  In fact, for about 10 to 15 years I don’t think I hardly wore any jewelry at all.

The last couple of years as I got closer to my goal weight, I did sometimes pull out some jewelry.  I would occasionally wear really light earrings.  And, I finally got to where I could wear my wedding ring again.  So, if I was dressing up, I would often wear a necklace or something.  And, then I made my Pandora bracelet for my Weight Watchers charms right after Christmas.

Bracelet on Hand

But, I find that I still don’t wear jewelry very often.  Part of it is the fact that I still can’t wear most of my earrings because of my holes having stretched.  That is going to be repaired when I have surgery.  Then, about 6 weeks later I will be able to pierce my ears again.  The other part, though, is that it is just a pain to actually find jewelry and put it on.  It is the inconvenience that is stopping me.

Way back when, we had bedroom furniture with a long dresser with a vanity in the middle.  I had a couple of jewelry boxes that I put on the dresser.  Also, I had clear plastic boxes with my earrings in them.  There were small compartments for each pair of earrings.  I also had these set all along the dresser.  I could easily see and reach everything. And, at one point, when we were going on a lot of vacations, I started collecting pins and had a lot of pins that I could wear. I would wear one on a jacket, for example.  And, I had pin storage bags so I could keep everything together and easily flip through it.  All of that made it really easy to find what to wear and it was all very close to hand. (Yes, I tend to laziness.  If something is inconvenient, I tend to just not want to do it unless it is really important).

Now, though, things are different.  In our current house, we have no dressers.  A prior house we lived in for several years had large closets and had built in storage drawers where I didn’t need a dresser.  So, I didn’t need that that kind of furniture and eventually we bought new bedroom furniture and just didn’t buy any dressers send we didn’t need them.  And, in our current house, while the master bedroom is fairly large, we don’t have room for any other furniture in our bedroom.  That would be because we have a treadmill and an exercise bike in there and have a large screen TV.  We like that set up and don’t want to change it.

We do have built in storage cabinets in our bathroom.  And, that is where I have my jewelry boxes and my pin bags.  But, the way it is set up, it is…tedious to try to get anything out.  I can’t easily open up these containers while they are in the cabinet.  So I have to haul out a jewelry box, for example.  Then, I have to find some surface to set it on (no, there isn’t room on the counter in the bathroom) and then go fish through it for what I am looking for.  Even worse, because this stuff is mostly “out of sight, out of mind” I often just forget to go get something.  For example, I went out for lunch today and just didn’t think to get a bracelet or some earrings to wear.

So, I thought about this issue today.  The problem with my jewelry boxes is that they only work well if I have some flat surface out in the open where I can leave them.  And, I don’t really have that.  And, I’m not going to have that in this house. I could possibly put them on a shelf in the closet, but there is no mirror there so I don’t like that option.  And, it is hard to put them on the shelves in there without them getting in the way of my clothes. So, that isn’t ideal.  I wanted a better option.

Hence, the decision to buy a jewelry armoire.  This is an actual piece of furniture that is used to store jewelry.  The one I chose has a mirror on the top that you can open up, plus there are mirrors on the front.  There is a lot of storage space for jewelry and I’ll be able to collect a lot of stuff in one place.  I’m not sure that the dividers in the drawers will be adequate for all my earrings, but I can order inserts that will have spaces for my earrings.

I have plenty of room in my closest for this armoire.  We used to have another armoire in there for clothes.  But, after I decluttered using the Kon Mari method we didn’t need that armoire there any more and repurposed it elsewhere in the house.  So, I have the space for the jewelry armoire and I will actually notice it whenever I go in the closet.  And, it has a mirror that I can use.

I think that by doing this I will be much more inclined to actually use my jewelry.  And, if I wear jewelry then I am more likely to wear some makeup and to dress up a little more.  So, this has an effect beyond just the jewelry. I actually think this will make a big difference in my trying to upgrade my appearance.  For me, this was a good opportunity to problem solve to try to figure out what kind of barrier was keeping me from doing something I wanted to do — wear my jewelry.  I was no longer impeded by the psychological aspects that had bothered me when I was overweight.  But, inconvenience was operating just as effectively to stop me from taking action.  By looking at what was making wearing jewelry inconvenient, I was able to come up with a reasonable solution to improve things.  It isn’t perfect, but it will be a big improvement over what I have been doing.


  1. Summer says

    Like you, I am wanting to look better, feel better about myself. A pair of earrings would be a simple start. I like how you recognize a problem, research how to fix it and then actually do it!

  2. says

    You’re not lazy at all, everyone needs to have their stuff accessible and for many types of stuff, it just needs to be visible. When something is inconvenient to get at it, it just doesn’t get used. That’s not you, that’s most everybody! I’ve done professional organizing for several years so believe me, I know. Often the solution IS just getting the right tools, or tools for your current space, because as you’ve figured out, organizing tools are highly specific to a space and often aren’t useful to us after we move 🙁 (sad face at the cost of recreating organizing systems for new spaces and having to spend the $$$ on the new tools). but it feels so great to have things accessible again! good for you for returning to a hobby and making it accessible for yourself. oh, and your Pandora charm bracelet is so cute!
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