Received New Fitbit Blaze Bands

In my last review of my Fitbit Blaze, I mentioned that I had ordered a leather band and a stainless steel band.

They arrived yesterday.  I was really pleased with how they look.


As I mentioned in my review post, the leather and stainless steel bands from Fitbit come with a frame.  Many third party bands and the Classic Bands from Fitbit do not include a frame.

As you can see, my plum band (this came with my Fitbit) has to be held down as it won’t lay flat.  The leather band does lay flat which is nice.  The stainless steel has a clasp rather than a buckle.

SS Clasp

I really like the look of the stainless steel band.  It has a matte finish that I like a lot.  The only negative is that it is a one size fits all band and some of the links need to be removed for it to fit me.  I will need to find someplace to do that this weekend.  The band does come with some extra links for those who need a larger band.  Some on the Fitbit help page have complained that the extra links were not sufficient for larger men.

I do like the look of the band on my wrist and look forward to being able to wear it:

SS Band

I also like the leather band.

Leather Band

For this I had a choice of black, camel or gray leather.  My husband was amazed I picked the camel over the black because I usually prefer black to brown.  That is true.  But, I felt the camel was more versatile.  For most of the time I will likely use the plum band.  It is comfortable and purple is my favorite color so goes with most of my clothes.  Of course, when I want something a little dressier, I will use the stainless steel band or the leather band.  Most of the time I will probably use the stainless steel band.  The main time I won’t use it would be when I am wearing gold jewelry.  In that situation, I prefer the camel band to the black leather band.

The only criticism I have of the leather band is that the leather is a little stiff right now so it is a little difficult to manipulate to buckle the band.  I am sure it will loosen up as I wear it so I am not worried.  I wore the leather band most of yesterday and it was very comfortable.


  1. Amy says

    Hi Kitty,
    Thanks for doing this blog. I have enjoyed checking in and reading more about Weight Watchers and you. Your words have helped me a lot. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my fitbit hr, which I love to a Blaze and really appreciate the photo of the watch on your arm, especially with the stainless steel band. One thing I don’t like about my fitbit hr is that it tugs at my arm when caught on clothes when I change or put a coat on or off. My wrist even gets a little sore, so I trade sides occasionally. I’m wondering if you found the rubber band to do the same thing and whether the blaze does that, too, particularly with the stainless band. Another question I have for you is about the withings scale. I think I read a while back that you have a withings scale. I’ve got my fitbit connected to my ww account, but can’t add my new withings scale. Are you able to have both on your account? I contacted their support and after nearly an hour, they told me I can only have one device. I’m a little suspicious of that answer because the ww page where I can add the devices appears like it’s having some technical problems. Thanks, and I wish you the very best in your upcoming surgery.

  2. says

    I didn’t have any problem with the band on my ChargeHR or on the Blaze. I haven’t been able to wear the stainless steel band yet since I have to get a couple of links removed. I think it will be OK, but not sure yet.

    I do have a Withings. I do it a roundabout way. I also track on MyFitnessPal. So, I sync my Withings scale with MFP and then I sync MFP with Fitbit. I don’t sync my scale directly to WW. I just manually record any weights there. Sorry, I couldn’t help on that.
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