Over 1000 Days of Tracking!

As many of you know, I dual track on MyFitnessPal, along with tracking Weight Watchers SmartPoints.  This week I reached a milestone on MFP of tracking for 1000 consecutive days!

Over 1000

This streak started on August 9th of 2013.  I failed to track the 3 days before that date.  I also missed a few days in July of that year.  I had started tracking on MFP in March of 2013 when I bought my first Fitbit.  I had quit going to Weight Watchers the previous October.  I went back on February 22, 2013 and was up 10.8 pounds to 194.8 pounds.  That number terrified me.  My high weight had been around 207 pounds.  I had gotten to about 161 pounds in early 2012, then regained after we moved.  I had tried going back to Weight Watchers in the summer and fall of 2012.  I got the ActiveLink when it came out, but that hadn’t been motivating for me (no matter what I did I never met the baseline…in retrospect, I think I had a bad unit).

So, finally I quit going and gained 10.8 pounds and resolved to get back on track.  I went back, weighed in and decided to get a Fitbit.  And, I decided that I was also going to calorie count.  I had dual counted calories and Points Plus before, but had never used MFP.  I researched options and decided MFP would work best for me.  On March 6th, I got my Fitbit and started tracking on MFP.

I was very dedicated for months.  In 2 months, I lost 6.8 pounds which I was happy with.  During all of that I carefully counted both Points Plus and calories.  Then, the wheels fell off.  The first thing that happened was our Texas weather.  My husband and I were walking outside in our hilly neighborhood.  I was doing great and felt very motivated as I saw my steps going up.  But, then, it simply got too hot for me to tolerate going outside.  I didn’t have my treadmill yet and became much less active (I used my rower sporadically).  And, with the lower activity I wasn’t losing any more.

So, I quit going to Weight Watchers.  I did keep mostly tracking.  But, for me, if I don’t weigh in I don’t do well.  I weighed in at home, but that isn’t the same.  I kept saying I would do better the next week.  And, by July I was back in the 190s again.  And, that was when the first cracks started in my MFP tracking.  First, I recorded only a partial day.  I was out of town and ate out a bunch and it was places hard to track.  Normally, I would have tracked anyway. But, I hadn’t eaten well so I just didn’t track the full day.  But, the next day I was back tracking.

But, then a couple of weeks later, I missed 2 days of tracking.  And, again, during the first week of August, I missed another 3 days.

I also knew I was at my highest weight since 2010.  I had to do better.  On August 9th, I did two things which would make a difference.  First, I went to a Weight Watchers meeting and weighed in at 196.8 pounds.  Yikes! Second, I vowed to track every day.  And, that is the streak that I am still on.  I have not missed a single day of tracking since then.  I have not intentionally failed to track anything I have eaten (I’m sure I may have forgotten something but I try to track immediately after eating so I don’t think I’ve missed much).

To me there are two routines that have been the most important for me in losing weight.  The first is to track everything.  I have had some days where I ate a lot of points.  But, I track it all.  Tracking keeps me aware of what I am doing.  I might still make a bad choice, but I do it knowingly.  I think it helps me to get back on track in terms of eating.

The second routine is to weigh.  Before I was lifetime at goal, I really committed to weighing in weekly.  You can see from my Weigh Ins page that I didn’t miss many weekly weigh ins.  Personally, I need the accountability of the weigh in at a meeting.  Not everyone needs that, but I do.  And, then I weigh on an almost daily basis at home.   This also helps accountability and keeps my head focused on managing my weight.  I may miss an occasional day but I almost always weigh.

I know many people don’t like tracking.  They think it is tedious or too hard or not worth it.  My own husband struggled to lose his last 5 or so pounds to get to goal.  He tracks in his head and is big on estimating.  Finally, after being on a plateau for 6 months or so, he began tracking on the computer.  He was at goal within 6 weeks.  I honestly think that some sort of tracking — on computer, on a phone, on paper — will benefit most people.

Now that I have done it for so long, it is very easy.  It takes me less than 10 minutes a day to track on both MFP and Weight Watchers.  If I was tracking just on MFP it would easily take less than 5 minutes a day because almost all my foods are in the database and in my history so it is very fast to track.  Occasionally I have to create a food, but not often.  Tracking on Weight Watchers is also easy.  I have to create more foods there since the new program came out and I had to put foods in again, but I am to a point now where I don’t have to create foods very often.

For what it is worth, I find it easier on MFP to track on the mobile app.  With Weight Watchers, I mostly track on the browser although occasionally I use the mobile app.

If you haven’t tried tracking or you are stuck on a plateau and aren’t currently tracking, I would highly recommend some form of tracking.



  1. Beth S says

    Hi Kitty — Congrats on your milestone! I have been a WW member on and off for many years, and really recommitted (even though I was active and weighing in weekly) this past September and have been tracking consistently since October. It does become habit once you’re doing it awhile. Of course I still tracked on vacation – it’s like brushing my teeth at this point. Even when I don’t do it day of because the day got away from me I do it the next day.

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