I’m Fine and Recovering

Just a brief post to let you all know that I am fine and recovering.  There were no problems but the swelling around my eyes has been really a lot so I haven’t been able to see hardly at all.  I stayed overnight at the hospital after surgery and they were extremely attentive.  I came home Tuesday afternoon and my husband has literally been my eyes and hands for almost everything.  Early on, I had so much swelling I could barely see a slit out out of one eye and nothing out of the others.  Also, I had a lot of pain and couldn’t sleep at all.  That was rough.

On Wednesday, the doctor upped my pain medication which helped a little.  For that first 48 hours I didn’t seem to do much except ice my eyes using gel packs.  In between that I would try to eat some food so my medication wouldn’t make me nauseated.  I was totally not hungry at all.  Monday was a zero point day as I couldn’t eat anything even after I got out of surgery, only ice chips and then water.  Tuesday I proceeded to a liquid diet and when I could hold that one I went to a soft diet. Once my catherer was out and I could prove that I could fee I was able to be released.

Wednesday was the day of maximum swelling. I couldn’t see out of the left eye at all and could just barely see light out of the right eye.  I still wasn’t every hungry but I did try to eat food with protein.  I ate some Quest bars heated in a microwave and also had a scrambled egg which was great.

Thursday I went to see the doctor to get dressings changed and to have my drains removed.  It was a great relief to get those out and to get the really heavy bandages off.  They also did something absolutely wonderful, beyond wonderful.  They washed my hair for me.  They were super gentle as I still have sutures in my scalp but it felt so great to just the hair yet and get some of the blood washed out.

I also talked to the doctor about how exhausted I was and I couldn’t get any restful sleep.  The higher pain medicine was helping some, but I was still having difficulty sleeping.  He said that the narcotic pain medications help the pain but interfere with restful sleep.  He suggested that I take a low dose of valium occasionally which would help my to be able to reduce the pain medication and would help me sleep.

I came home Thursday and found that was true.  I was finally able to get real sleep.  At one point I slept for 6 hours which was really wonderful.

Today, I was able to take my first shower and to get my hair wet again.  I was just rinised it out and since I don’t want to tug on incisision.  I am still icing eyes a lot, but this afternoon ai could finally see a little bit out of both eye.  Little slits, but that was OK.

Foodwise, I made sure my husband kept a written list of everything I ate, even starting in the hospital.  I wanted to be able to track it all later.  After over 1000 days of not missing I didn’t want to miss any days. I am still finding it hard to eat much.  I have mostly tried eat stuff with some protein and the doctor said it would help to limit sodium.  I was actually eatning something higher sodium today and I couldn’t finish it because it was too salty.  I will say that I have had a few half cup single servings of ice cream and they were a big help.  My mouth was sore and it was hard to open my mouth and they made it possible for me to eat something when I needed to have something  so I could take medication.

One of the issues with taking pain medications is that they tend to be constipating and I haven’t produced anything yet.  I’ve been taking a stool softener and I am eating a few more calories now wo I am hoping I’ll produce something soon.

I am not posting pics now because they are pretty horrific looking (peeled purple onion comes to mind with all my swelling and bruising), but I think it is all going to be fine.  Just have to wait the process out.

I go back on Tuesday to get most of my sutures out and I am really looking forward to that.


  1. says

    glad you are ok! are you also taking vitamins to help the healing process? I also recently had surgery (on my foot) and I have been taking extra C, zinc, A and B as well. Pain meds CAN really mess up your sleep system. Hope you are feeling fine and back to “normal” again soon.

  2. Linda K. says

    Glad your surgery went well Kitty and that you are making strides in the recovery process. I know it must be hard now for you being in pain and not getting the best sleep, but I am sure it will be worth the final results. Take care!

  3. Maggie says

    Glad you are on the mend, and I hope you will be feeling a bit better each day. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. says

    My vision is still not that good but much better. Pain is much less and I am finally getting good sleep which has made a huge difference. I am just focusing on taking care of myself and it is going well.
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  5. Sheila says

    So glad you are doing well. Sleep is such an important thing and I’m glad you are getting some. Love following your story.

  6. Marie says

    Hi Kitty! I was just checking in & wondering how you’re doing? I hope you’re recovering well & feeling a lot better! I always enjoy your posts! Take care!

  7. David R says

    What did you do to pass the time those first few days? Seems like you wouldn’t be able to do anything, and you weren’t sleeping. Were you just “locked in,” waiting? Bored? Or too painful to be bored? Did you experience any electronics withdrawal?

    • says

      Greetings, David! The first few days I was taking pain medication and while I wasn’t sleeping that much at night, I wasn’t very alert. I was icing my eyes for half of every hour so I mostly did that and then just sort of did not do much else. Yes, I did experience electronics withdrawal. I wanted to post and read stuff online and I couldn’t see. I couldn’t even watch TV. So, yes, it was boring. After a couple of days I did actually try to use the computer but had to put stuff at 400% size!

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