June Weigh In

I did go to my Weight Watchers meeting today for my first weigh in since surgery.  As I’ve mentioned, I currently have myself set on maintenance.  Adequate nutrition during healing is important and this is not the time to try to lose more weight.  I ended up weighing in at 145.4 pounds, down .8 pounds from last month.

I was happy with the weigh in.  The first week after surgery I ate very little, just wasn’t hungry and only ate as necessary to take medication and to try to get some calories and protein in.  The next two weeks I ate a lot more and actually blew through all my points.  Despite that, I lost weight during those weeks.  I spoke with my doctor and basically chalked this up to the body metabolism increasing in order to do more healing.  So, I had no negative effects (weightwise) from eating so many calories.

This last week was more like an almost normal week.  Since last Monday I have been able to use the treadmill to walk and I have slowly done that (very slowly) and have gotten to where I do about 30 minutes usually divided into 2 sections.  Before this week, my activity was really low since I wasn’t supposed to do much activity.  I am still not supposed to do anything other than walking or light exercise bike for several more weeks.  I’ve also been told that even if I feel good I shouldn’t do things like heavy cleaning or anything that would cause any straining.  That might cause bleeding and increase swelling.

So, I am still much more sedentary than usual.  That is one reason that I don’t think trying to lose any further weight at this point is a good idea.  I still need sufficient calories and protein to sustain healing and I can’t do things that would really up my calorie burn.  I am feeling less tired, so can do a bit more like the treadmill walking but I tire easily.  Part of that is that I still can’t sleep on my side for another week so I am sleeping in a recliner on my back which is really difficult for me.  Hopefully when I can move back to my normal sleeping that will help a lot.

I should be full-strength toward the end of July.  But, I have now scheduled my tummy tuck and breast lift for July 27.  By that time I expect to have all my energy back and can go ahead and have that surgery and then start going through that recovery (and having to sleep on my back in a recliner again).

I was happy with the weigh in today.  Technically, I am considered within my goal weight as long as I don’t weigh more than 2 pounds over my goal weight of 146 pounds.  In May, right before surgery, I had weighed at 146.2.  I had a lot of social events in April and it had been a difficult month so I was happy just to weight at 146.2.  While I was not trying to lose during this past month, I did hope to get below 146 pounds so I was happy with the 145.4 pounds.  And, if I do something similar in July I will be happy with that as well.

During this past week, I made more of an effort to eat more similarly to how I was eating before surgery.  While I wasn’t trying to lose weight, I did pay a lot more attention to trying to stay within my maintenance level points (which I was able to do).  The prior week’s that had not been a priority as I was more focused on doing what I felt was best from a surgery recovery standpoint.  For the next month, I intend to keep myself set on maintenance level and to stay within those points. Basically this is an extra 6 points a day on average — in my case I added 4 points to my daily points making them 34 and switched my weekly SmartPoints to 42 from 28.  I do swap FitPoints and when exercising normally I had been aiming to mostly eat my FitPoints (beyond the baseline) and eating few of my Weekly SmartPoints.  Right now, though, I am not able to earn many FitPoints beyond the baseline.  That should increase a little bit over the next month but probably not by a lot.

If I find I am gaining eating the maintenance level points, I can also adjust those downward a bit.  I’ll just have to see how it goes after the next month as I can burn some more calories, but can’t do full exercise.  So, we’ll see.


  1. Laurie says

    I found that one of the keys to a speedy recovery from plastic surgery is to get plenty of protein. The body needs it to heal properly. I also saw that I was able to eat more during the healing journey without gaining weight and I think I needed more calories in general to heal for about 3 – 6 months.

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