Facial Plastic Surgery Update

I thought it was time for an update since it has been 4 weeks and 1 day since surgery.  Overall, I am doing much better.  I don’t get as tired and am able to use the treadmill for light walking now.  I am still sleeping in my recliner until next Monday so I can avoid sleeping on my side.  That is challenging, but manageable.

6-7 front

6-7 left

These pictures were taken today.  The only I don’t like is that my gray is starting to show and my perm hasn’t much left to it.  I can get a new perm in 2 weeks and then color a week after that.  Really looking forward to that.

Even though, I know I am still in the healing phase I am happy with the results thus far.

On a daily basis, it is hard to see the changes in swelling, but the changes can be seen when I compare prior pictures:



In the above pictures, the one on the top left was on my birthday in April.  The top right was 2 weeks after surgery, bottom left was 3 weeks, and bottom right was today.

Looking at them together I can really see the difference from before surgery and the difference between 2 weeks ago and today.

I am happy with the results at this point, but may need a couple of small revisions at 6 months.  The attachment of my left ear may need a slight revision.  Also, my right brow was really low and had a lot of excess skin.  It could not all be removed without making the scar too long past the end of the eye.  It is possible that as the swelling goes down and the scar flattens that it will be OK.  But, it may possibly need to have some more skin excised at about 6 months.  I’m OK with that if need be and will just wait to see how the healing goes.

I still have the excision of cholesterol deposits to complete and some of that will likely be worked on when I have my tummy tuck and breast lift in late July.  And, of course, I’ll have that whole big surgery and recovery to go through.

Right now, even at the stage of healing I am at, I am very happy I did this.  The hardest thing for me has been adjusting to my eyes.  That is the thing that is different from how I have ever looked in my life.  For example, I love that I don’t have a sagging turkey neck now.  But, I remember when I didn’t have one when I was younger and thinner and hadn’t lost as much weight.  And, just the general facial lifting is something that isn’t startling to me because I remember when my jowls didn’t sag and so on.

But, the eyes are different.  I really had several issues with my eyes.  First, I had lots of excess skin.  That was something that just got worse and worse the more weight I lost.  And, I don’t miss that skin being gone.  I also had cholesterol deposits on my upper eyelids and underneath my eyes.  Those showed up less than 10 years ago, so I remember not having them (and look forward to when they will all be gone).

But, there were things that I didn’t like my eyes ever.  Even when young, if my eyes were open the upper lid where I put my eye shadow couldn’t be seen.  My eyes were always hooded and I didn’t like it.  One of the things that I found out when I had my consultations was that my outer brows were low which didn’t help.  My doctor told me that a temporal brow lift (this lifts the brown only on the ends — not the middle brow which I didn’t need) could help.  But, he also said some people don’t like it because it can change how the eye looks.  I decided to go ahead and have the temporal brow lift along with the quad blepharoplasty.

I know understand better what he meant.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my new eyes even knowing they still have a lot of healing to do and even if I have to have a small revision later.  But, my eyes look different from how they have ever looked at any time in my life.  Between the brow lift and the blepharoplasty on upper and lower lids, my eyes are not just rejuvenated to what they were at some earlier time.  They look different from how they have ever looked in my life.  I am still learning how to put on makeup for eyes where the upper lid can be seen when my eyes are open. (Note the last couple of years, you could see my lids because of loss of facial volume and eyes hollowing out but that wasn’t a very appealing look).

The interesting thing for me is that when I see myself in the mirror I do not yet recognize those eyes as “my” eyes.  I mean, yes, I realize that looking at my face as a whole I am recognizable as myself.  But, when I look in the mirror, my eyes still seem foreign to me, like they belong to someone else.  I like them better than my old eyes, of course, but it is definitely an adjustment in getting used to this being how I look now.

Oh, one more pic, since I don’t want to just compare pictures with makeup.  The picture on the left was a few weeks before surgery with no makeup.  The one on the right was today with no makeup.

In this pic on the right you can really see how I still have the cholesterol deposits remain under my eyes (and there are a couple on my lids as well).  But, that will eventually be taken care of.


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