Just checking in and talking a bit about maintaining.  Not much going on right now.  I had a follow up doctor’s appointment today, 5 1/2 weeks after facial plastic surgery.  In 6 weeks I will have my tummy tuck and breast lift.

The last couple of weeks I felt I was sort of on hold.  I felt reasonably good but still tired easily (sleeping on my back in a recliner wasn’t easy for me).  This week I am finally sleeping in bed on my side so feel much more rested.  And, that is good, since I want to get back to full strength before my surgery at the end of July.

I weighed in at Weight Watchers on the first Saturday in June but for the last 10 days or so have been pretty loose on how much food I am eating.  I am consciously working on maintaining right now. I am counting SmartPoints and calories, but notice that I tend to have a pattern on maintenance.  Basically for the first couple of weeks after I weigh in, I eat mostly what I want to and don’t pay a lot of attention to whether I stay within my points or my calories.  Then, I tighten up in the couple of weeks before the next weigh in.

In practice, I really seem to go more by weight on my home scale than I do by my points or calories.  It isn’t that I don’t pay attention to them.  I do.  I record them and there are certainly times that I choose what I plan to eat because of points (or the lack thereof).  But, during that first two weeks after I weigh in, it doesn’t bother me to end the week in the red.

I still can’t do any exercise beyond light treadmill so I am not earning the Fitpoints I would usually earn.  Since I do eat my FitPoints (beyond the baseline), that makes it much easier for me to end in the red on Weekly SmartPoints.

I realized last night I sort of am going more by weight right now.  I weigh at home in the morning without clothes.  My home scale weighs a little “high” so usually my weigh in at Weight Watchers is about .4 pound above what I weigh in at home (I wear shorts and a tank top to weigh in at Weight Watchers).

So, right now, if I weigh at home and I am 145 pounds or below I am golden.  I know that if I am in that range then I am sure to weigh in at Weight Watchers at 146 pounds (my goal weight) or below, even if I had a temporary gain of half a pound or so due to fluid retention.

If I am between 145 and 146 pounds, then that is acceptable.  I know that my true weight is at or below my goal weight of 146 pounds so I find this acceptable although not my preferred weight.  I also know that if I weigh in at Weight Watchers, I may weigh slightly over 146 pounds, but I can weigh up to 148 pounds and still keep my free lifetime status.

If I am between 146 pounds and 147 pounds, then that is like a caution light.  I should still be able to weigh in at Weight Watchers and not go over 148 pounds.  (Even though my goal weight is 146 pounds, Weight Watchers considers me free lifetime at goal as long as I don’t weigh in at more than 2 pounds over goal).  But, in this range, I need to pay more attention to what I am eating.  If I am going out to eat, I will be more cautious where I eat and will pay a lot more attention to where I am on my SmartPoints available.

If I am over 147 pounds, then that is the point to start eating very carefully and staying within my SmartPoints.  My goal at that point is to get back to the 145 pounds.

Now, in reality, all of that is also overlayed with the time piece of this.  That is, if I recently weighed in and then eat out a few times and jump up to over 147 pounds, I take note of it but am not that concerned.  I know in that situation this is largely fluid retention and I am nowhere close to my next weigh in. To the extent, I may need to lose some true extra weight, it isn’t very much at that point.  I do need to pay attention what I am doing, but it isn’t as urgent as it would be at, say, a week before weigh in.

Also, if I have just weighed in and I am at 145 pounds, then I feel comfortable with going out to eat and eating whatever I want (bear in mind, I am not talking about going nuts on food — my choices even when eating whatever I want are nowadays a lot more moderate than they used to be).  On the other hand, if it is 3 days before weigh in and I weigh 145 pounds, I am going to be careful with what I eat and probably won’t eat out at all (if I do it will only be at a place where I know I can stay within my daily SmartPoints).

Right now, I am 16 days away from the first Saturday in July.  So, I am starting this week to tighten up my eating.  I am up a little from where I want to be on weight, but think it will drop quickly with a couple of days of eating more carefully and not eating out (I’ve eaten out 3 times this week and that is most of the issue). Sunday, I will be eating out (Father’s Day), so I will be eating very carefully on Friday and Saturday. And, then after that I really will use those weight guidelines above. From this point, I will weigh daily and will take action as needed so I can be ready to weigh in for July. (And my next weigh in after that will be post tummy tuck/breast lift).



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