July Weigh In

I was happy to weigh in today at 147.8 pounds, up 2.4 pounds from June.  And, yes, I truly was happy.  In this time between surgeries, I have set my goal as to maintain.  So, yes, I would have preferred to not gain 2.4 pounds since June.  But, I am still within my maintenance window where I maintained my free lifetime status at Weight Watchers.  I need to weigh at or below 148 pounds for that.  And, there was a time during this week, when I was above it.

This is an example of how weight doesn’t necessarily reflect what you have immediately done.  Had I weighed in at either of the last two Saturdays I would have weighed less than today.  But, ironically, this was my best week for food since I had my surgery in May. And the two weeks before this week where next best.  So, really, this week has gone well.  What I think I am seeing on the scale now is a reflect of the last couple of weeks of June and the first week of this month when I really was higher than usual.  It just took that long for it to really reflect on the scale. [Read more…]

Pre-Op and Update

Didn’t really realize how long it had been since I posted since I came here to do this post.  I’ve been busy getting ready for my tummy tuck and breast lift (aka Mommy Makeover) next Wednesday.

Update on Facial Cosmetic Surgery

This part is brief because everything is going fine.  The swelling is mostly gone and I’m still really happy with the results.  When I do my body surgery next week, the surgeon is going to remove some more of my cholesterol deposits under my eyes.  Also, he is checking one place on an eyelid incision. [Read more…]

Weight Loss Basics

On another forum (not weight loss related) that I frequent, there was a recent discussion about weight loss.  This really led me to think about what I see as my weight loss basics.  I post here a lot about details regarding my weight loss journey.  But, in this post, I want to get back to the basics, particularly for the benefit of those just getting started on thinking about or working on weight loss.  I am sure there are other factors, but here are some things that I think about.

1. There is no one way to lose weight. I read a lot of weight loss blogs, go to various forums or other online groups and have read a lot of scientific articles. People lose weight a lot of different ways and it is, in my opinion, individual as to what works for the particular person. For me, personally, my most successful method of losing weight was to use Weight Watchers. I write a lot about Weight Watchers here since that is the program I follow. But, I know plenty of people who have lost weight using other methods.

Also, people vary in what kind of food they eat to lose weight successfully and maintain the loss.  For me, I do best with a lowish carb diet (averaging about 100 g of carbs a day while losing weight, a bit more now that I am maintaining). But, I’ve known those who do better eating higher carb than I eat (or lower carb).

The point is that if a particular weight loss program doesn’t work for you, then try a different program or method.  Find what works for you. [Read more…]