Pre-Op and Update

Didn’t really realize how long it had been since I posted since I came here to do this post.  I’ve been busy getting ready for my tummy tuck and breast lift (aka Mommy Makeover) next Wednesday.

Update on Facial Cosmetic Surgery

This part is brief because everything is going fine.  The swelling is mostly gone and I’m still really happy with the results.  When I do my body surgery next week, the surgeon is going to remove some more of my cholesterol deposits under my eyes.  Also, he is checking one place on an eyelid incision.

Pre-Op for Mommy Makeover

I went and had my pre-op for the mommy makeover.  A lot of the instructions were similar to what they were for the face. I had less questions for this surgery since a lot of the general stuff I have gone through already with the prior surgery.

I did focus on most of the questions that I had which were specific to the tummy tuck and breast lift. I’ll list what was discussed.

1. After my facelift I had a terrible time sleeping on my back in the recliner. It was comfortable but I’m a side sleeper. I was told that for this I probably won’t want to sleep on my side for at least 4 weeks. I dread having to sleep on my back again. With the last surgery, I took valium to help me sleep. It did help and I was glad to have it. But, it tended to make me groggy the next day. This time I’ve been prescribed Ambien (which I have never had) so we will see how that works.

2. I reminded them that I reacted adversely to the adhesive used on some of my incisions during my facelift. So this time, they won’t use adhesive.

3. I should start a soft diet 2 days before surgery, and go all liquid the day before. I am to use a Fleet’s enema the night before (ugh).

4. I am going to be doing Exparel, but it was stressed that this surgery is more painful than with my face.  Exparel is a numbing medication applied during surgery which makes the first few days after surgery more comfortable.  That will help with me feeling like moving around and, hopefully, by the time it wears off I will past the worst of the pain.

5. I am ordering 2 compression garments. I don’t really like them since they come down to my mid-thigh. But, the surgeon likes this type because it goes up high almost under my breasts.

IMG_5094 (2)


I was told to get the beige because that material has a better texture than the black. Also, there is a bra that I will start using about a week after surgery.

Also, I had to order a bra that I will start wearing about a week after surgery:

IMG_5095 (1)

6. I will have 2 drains for the tummy tuck which will be in for about 7 to 10 days. I will have a drain for the breast which will probably be removed the next morning (I am staying overnight). Possibly it might stay in there another day.

7. When he does the surgery everything that is removed will be weighed. I will be weighed before surgery so I will know after what my new baseline is (that is, what I weighed less what is removed).

8. He is going to do an extended incision for the abdominoplasty so he can get rid of more on the side. Also, he will be doing some liposuction. I know that there is a limit to what can be done during this procedure and I stressed that I only want him to do what is safe. Which, of course, was what he wanted as well.

9. He is also going to extend the breast lift incision (it will be an anchor type incision) a little to the side to get more of the excess skin under my arm. That was optional, but I think it will give me the best result. My left breast is a little larger than the right so he will remove a bit more on that breast to try to even them out some. Also, years ago, I had a breast biopsy on my right breast which required removal of a fair amount of tissue. The result is that my right breast has a little bit of a dent in it. He is also going to try to improve the appearance of that.

I don’t want to post actual pictures of my breasts but these pictures taken with no bra give you an idea of what needs to be fixed:

IMG_4562 IMG_4560 IMG_4558

10. I had read some about visceral fat (the fat inside around your organs). I know surgery won’t fix that. I had read that one way to test that was to lay flat on your back and see if your tummy flattens out or if it protrudes above the rib cage. When I lay down mine flattens out. But, I was curious what my doctor felt about how much visceral fat I have. One of the things he had me do during the examination was to suck in my stomach as much as I could and then he grasped the loose skin and fat. He said that from that he felt that my visceral fat was average to a little below average. So, that was good to know.

This is from the pics I did a few months ago:

Tummy Right Tummy Front Tummy Hang

11. One of my major concerns — actually my biggest concern — about this surgery is the risk of blood clots. He said that I would have the compression machine on my legs and they would put the compression hose on as well. Also, he would give me medication the day after surgery. However, he also offered that I could take Lovenox for 10 days after surgery. He said that it might cause me to have more bruising. Given the higher risk of blood clots with tummy tucks I decided that I would do this. I will need to give myself an injection for 10 days.

12. I asked what to wear at hospital to go home. I was wearing some fairly loose elastic waistband pants at the time and was told that would be fine. Also, a blouse that buttons up the front. I bought two of those for my facelift so I will use them for this also.

Everything Else

Things are basically OK but the time between the facelift and this surgery has been challenging.  Having restrictions on activity has been hard.  My calorie burn is really low.  During the past few weeks I’ve been able to walk, but it is so hot here I haven’t wanted to go outside.  Yes, I could use the treadmill but I have found it hard to get motivated.  I think part of that is because I know I will soon not be able to exercise again.

Food has been OKish, but with the lack of activity I don’t burn as many calories so a food level that would normally cause me to maintain — what I have been trying to do during all this surgery — is finally starting to cause me to gain.  At my June weigh in I was at 145.4 pounds down .8 pounds from when I weighed in right before my facelift.

I haven’t weighed in yet for July.  I wanted to weight until right before my surgery so I could know that baseline.  Tomorrow is the last Saturday before my surgery so I will weigh in there.  I was distressed this morning because I was up 1.2 pounds from yesterday and that put me over 148 pounds.  With a goal weight of 146 pounds I have to pay if I weigh in above 148 pounds.  Yesterday, I was 147 pounds.  I have actually had a good week this week.  I should be down.  I haven’t eaten out since Monday and I’ve watched what I ate so no real logical reason for being up 1.2 pounds today.  I don’t think I’ve eaten anything to cause fluid retention.

So — if this holds in the morning — I will have to pay.  That irritates me a lot.  I even considered not weighing in this month.  Then, I would have to pay next month even at goal weight.  But, basically, I think it is bad practice to avoid weighing in because I may weigh over my goal.  So, I will weigh in.

On the positive side of all this, I have been tracking everything that I eat.  I have legitimately gained a couple of pounds because I am eating like I eat when more active.  I don’t think I should be up 3 pounds (and have to pay), but if it doesn’t go down overnight then that is what will happen.  I will post about my weigh in.



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