Update – Surgery and Weight

Just an update.  Saturday I weighed at home (so no clothes, unlike at Weight Watchers) and I was at 140 pounds.  I was really happy about this as for the first time I was about half a pound under my new baseline (pre-surgery weight less what was removed).  That is mostly because I just haven’t been very hungry since I had surgery.  I tend to have 3 small meals and a snack and that is it.  I’ve eaten takeout a few times and have started to go out some but I’m still not eating as much as before.  I’m sure that will change with time but right now I’m glad since I’m not very active.

Here is a photo that give an idea of where my tummy is at after 3 weeks.

3 weeks photo

These are size 10 jeans that were too tight before surgery and now fit perfectly.  You can see a big difference from my before picture.

Tummy Front


The change is just tremendous.  It is truly astonishing.  And, actually in the after photo I still have swelling.  After a tummy tuck the huge incision interferes with the drainage pathways.  Fluid can’t drain where the incision is until things heal.  So you tend to get swelling.  You can see in the after picture the swelling on my sides.  As the day goes on I tend to have swelling at the sides all the way up to my chest as the fluid tries to find a path to drain by going along the sides.

To give you an idea, the other morning I weighed my natural waist which is above my belly button. In the morning I usually have the last swelling and look my best.  That evening I measured it again.  My waist was almost 2 inches larger!  That was all swelling!

Normally I wear a compression garment all the way up to my breasts.  This helps with reducing the swelling although I hate the feel of it.  I am basically supposed to wear it all day except when I shower or am putting on antibiotic cream on my incision.

Oh, to give an idea of how far the incision goes, here is a side photo from 11 days after surgery.

Side 8-07

As you can see it goes way far back on my side almost to my back.  The other side is similar.  And, of course, all across the front.  I measured the incision the other day and it is about 2 feet long!  I had enough extra skin that I had an extended abdominoplasty and needed the longer incision to get the flat tummy I wanted.  Not everyone needs to have the incision go back so far.

Right now, my incision is almost healed.  Most of my scabs have fallen off and it doing really well.  Pain is doing well.  The biggest problems I run into are my abdominal muscles getting easily tired and me being still tired.  I do OK in a recliner, but when I have to sit upright for a long time or stand my abdominal muscles really protest and my back starts hurting.  This is one reason I haven’t been online much.  After sitting in my desk chair for awhile my back starts to hurt.  This is getting much better this past few days so I think I will be able to do it for longer soon.

The other thing is that I have very little energy.  With my facial surgery I started getting my energy back about 3 weeks after surgery.  I am at 3 1/2 weeks after this surgery and am still waiting.  This week I went to some several hour meetings for two days this week and they wiped me out.  They were a long ways from my house so my husband drove me (no way was I ready to drive for over an hour).   Even so, both days I came home and basically did nothing the rest of the evening.  Honestly, I way over did it.

The doctor said problem this week is when I should start getting back my energy and I should feel more normal by 6 weeks after surgery.  I am really looking forward to that.  I’m at a point where I’m bored with just laying around, but get tired when I do much.  I think just a little bit more energy will help a lot.

This recovery is definitely (in my opinion) way more difficult than the facial surgery.  Well, actually, the breast lift has been a piece of cake.  I’ve never had any pain from it and it hasn’t bothered me all.  Well, actually, there was one thing.  Yesterday, I put on one of my existing sports bras that goes over my head instead of the medical bra that zips up.  When I went to pull it on, my incisions protested.  But, other than that, the recovery from the breast left has seemed easy and I was so glad I did it when I did the tummy tuck.

The tummy tuck recovery for me has been harder simply because of the tiredness.  Yes, it was more painful than the face, but after the first week or so it hasn’t been bad.  But, the tiredness was worse.  On the other hand, I don’t have all the visible stuff that I had with the face where I had to worry about bruises when I went out and I was so worried about swelling.  As mentioned, I do have a lot of swelling with the tummy tuck but no one sees it.

I can already tell how much better my clothes fit.  Some things that were too tight for me before now fit great.  Some things that fit before are now too loose.  I went out for lunch today and work some jeans that fit OK before surgery.  They are now too loose.  So, I can see I will have some clothes shopping in the future which will be fun.


  1. Debbie H says

    Wow! The change is dramatic! Once again I would like to thank you for sharing this journey with us. I hope to make it to goal one day (20 lbs to go) and I’d love to have a tummy tuck. My abdomen looks exactly like your before picture! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. Linda Kalameja says

    Kitty, I know you are going to be so happy with the final results of all your procedures as you look fantastic now!!! Continue healing and take care. Thanks for the update.

  3. Shelley says

    You are really brave. This looks painful. Great results though! About your eye work, was there an eye cream that was recommended you use before and after?

  4. says

    Wow, those are some dramatic changes! I’m sure it feels great, even though right now you still have the swelling. When it’s all over and he’ll, you’re going to feel amazing!

    Thank you for sharing the photos! They really help understand the process.

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