More Post Mommy Makeover Update

OK, a few more update things.  First, I weighed this morning and was at 139.5 pounds on my home scale.  That is the first time I’ve been under 140 since about 1991.

Today I had a follow up appointment with the doctor.  It is now 4 weeks (and 1 day) post-surgery.  There were a couple of interesting things.  I got a copy of the page from my record showing exactly how much was removed during my surgery.

The tummy tuck itself removed 3 pounds.  The liposuction removed 2.9 pounds.  I had .06 pounds removed from one breast and .22 from the other (this difference was due to wanting to even out the two sides).  So, the total is 6.18 pounds.

One interesting thing was this record showed my pre op weight (taken at the hospital was 146 pounds.  I weighed at home the morning of surgery I was at 147 pounds on my home scale.  I’ve long felt that scale was weighing me about a pound heavier than I really am, so this was confirmation of that.

So, using my home scale pre op weight (since that is the scale I usually use), my new baseline after surgery would be 140.82.  But, I’m at 139.5 so that is less than that.  I was “up” a couple of pounds the week or so before surgery.  I had been closer to the 144 to 145 pounds level for most of the couple of months before surgery.  So, to get back to here I was then, I would want to be at around 138 pounds now.

Oh, another random thing.  I took my measurements the night before surgery.  My breast measurement is about half an inch smaller (the difference is that I don’t have the sagging any more).  My natural waist as of this morning is a little over an inch smaller.  My hips have settled in at just almost 2 inches smaller.  The really big difference though is my measure at the navel.  It is 3 1/2 inches smaller!  That is just a huge difference.

One thing the doctor cautioned me on today was to watch calories in because I do now weigh 6 pounds less post surgery.  Basically, I can’t eat quite as much as I did before surgery if I want to maintain my weight.

Right now is hard because I am still really inactive.  I can’t do much beyond walking right now and I can’t do much of that.  Basically I am still at a point where standing or walking results in some back pain which I think is mostly because I am still hunched over a little bit (I look OK to someone looking at me but I can tell I’m not totally upright yet) and I don’t think I have a lot of strength in my abdominal muscles right now.  The result is back pain when I sit up for too long (particularly without good back support) or if I stand or walk very long at all.

I do have a semi-recumbent exercise bike at home and I think I could do that without causing back pain so I think soon I will start doing that.  The doctor said I should have most of my energy back at 6 weeks.  So many of the things change at 6 weeks.  At 6 weeks, I can sleep on my side.  Now, I still have to sleep on my back so I’m sleeping in a recliner (in bed I would roll over).

Also, at 6 weeks I can quit wearing my compression garment 24/7 and don’t gave to wear a bra at night any more.  Can’t wait for both of those!  I’m putting up with them because I want to minimize swelling and want to heal properly, but I am sure looking for when I don’t have to do all that all the time.

At 6 weeks I can do more exercise wise although, not weight lifting.  I am told to be very careful what I lift until 12 weeks.  I really want to protect my abdominal muscle repair so I’ve been super careful on this and will be until 12 weeks.  The nice side effect on this is that I get to be somewhat lazy and ask my husband to go get me all kinds of things.  He has been great helping me with recovery from both sets of surgery and I can’t imagine how I would have managed without him.

Saturday is the last Saturday in August which means I need to go weigh in.  I actually have a dilemma that I’m thinking about.  For the last couple of years I’ve worn the same thing to weigh in every time I weighed in.  I didn’t want to have variation in my weigh ins due to clothes.  And, when I was trying to get to goal weight this was a big deal to me.  Since I lost weight slowly,changing what I wore could turn a loss into a gain.

So, a couple of years on one summer day I wore in wearing a tank top and exercise shorts.  I actually weighed my shorts at home to find the lightest pair of shorts that I had.  And, I have to admit I weighed in braless and I took off my Fitbit to weigh in.  Once winter arrived, even in Texas, I didn’t love weighing wearing a tank top and shorts, but I didn’t want to take the gain that I would get by changing to long pants and a heavier top.

So, I would brink my clothes with me to weigh in and after I weighed I would go in the restroom and change.  Yes, I did that every time.

But, now things are different.  In July I weighed in at 147.8 pounds which 1.8 pounds above my goal weight but just barely within the 2 pounds I can be over goal weight without having to pay (yes, I wore tank top and shorts).

But, now, things are different.  I actually ate lunch out today so that usually puts me up for a day or two so I’ll probably be 140ish or so (at home) on Saturday.  Right now, I will say my weight varies quite a bit day to day since I do still have some swelling from the surgery (and that should continue for a couple of months).  The morning I was at 139.5 pounds…but I was down 1.9 pounds from yesterday morning!  So, Saturday morning could be 140 or 141, but probably not above that.

Bottom line is that I can wear anything I want to and I’m not going to come close to hitting 148 pounds.  So, this is actually a perfect time to go in wearing “regular” clothes.  That is, probably a T shirt and a pair of workout pants or something.  Or, I could even wear jeans.  On the one hand I want to do.  Heck, wear the heaviest pants I own and just get it over with and from now on I can wear anything I want to.

On the other hand, I thought about doing a middle ground.  That is, wearing a regular T short and a pair of shorts.  Part of that is because I don’t really have any lightweight pants now.  I used to have some lightweight workout pants but they got too loose.  At the time it was winter so I bought some with a fuzzy warm lining.  I love them, but they are heavy.  Hmmm.  Maybe tomorrow, I will go buy a new pair of lightweight pants.

One thing I do know is that I do need to get some new clothes.  Today, I wore a jacket that before was too tight.  I could zip but it was tight at the chest and at the waistline.  Now, it fits perfectly.  I also wore a pair of jeans today that were just a little loose before surgery.  Now, they are way too loose.  Those winter workout pants are now a little loose as well.

So, having talked all this out (to myself) while writing this post I think I will go buy a pair of lightweight pants tomorrow and will wear them with a T shirt on Saturday.  I won’t weigh as little as I would with shorts and T top but it will give me a good baseline going forward and I won’t freeze in the winter when I go to weigh in!


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