August Weigh In

Today, I went for my first post tummy tuck/breast lift weigh in and I’m happy to say I was at 139.8 pounds, down 8 pounds!

8-27-2016 weigh in

Of course, I know that surgery removed 6.18 pounds so that part is just the natural result of the surgery.  But, I lost another 1.8 pounds beyond that.  And, I did go shopping yesterday and bought some lightweight long exercise pants.  So, this morning I wore a T shirt, long pants, bra and my compression garment.  In the past I’ve been weighing in a light tank top and athletic shorts.  So, the clothes I weighed today were about a pound heavier than what I’ve worn at my past weigh ins.  I was ecstatic to weigh in below 140 pounds and to know that even though I’ve been very inactive for the past month — necessarily so — I have been able to watch my eating enough that I’ve lost some weight beyond the weight loss from the surgery itself.

I didn’t end up staying for the meeting.  The chairs there are not very comfortable and sitting up on uncomfortable chairs really causes me back pain right now.  The back pain on sitting up or on walking around or standing is my main “issue” right now.  Friday, I went shopping to 3 places and it really did me in.  It doesn’t take much for my back to just start killing me.  I think that is probably because my abdominal muscles are so weak right now and I still can’t stand entirely upright.  I do pretty well when I focus on it, but when I get tired I start to slump.

At the first store, after I picked out things I was going to try on, I literally just sat in the dressing room for about 5 minutes before I had enough energy to try on anything.  The second store wasn’t much better.  By the time I got home I was totally wiped out.

Anyway, I just didn’t think I was ready to stay for a meeting today and then go out to lunch like we normally do.  So, we just weighed in then came back home.  I can tell that I am slowly getting better.  I can sit up for a few hours in my comfortable desk chair (like I am doing now) and that is steadily getting to be better and for a longer time.  I’m still really happy with the results of the surgery, but the recovery period is pretty rough.  I just keep in mind that soon it will just be a memory and I’ll have the good result from surgery forever.


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