October Weigh In & Recovery Strategy

I weighed in for October and, as expected, I was up.  I weighed in at 142.8 pounds, up 2.4 pounds.  Honestly, my main feeling was one of relief.  Weighing at home this morning, I was actually down 3 1/2 pounds from where I was on Monday.  Of course, I realized that part of that Monday weight was post-surgery swelling and there was water retention from eating out on the weekend so I didn’t see that weight as being my “true” weight.

I think today’s weight is fairly accurate as to where I am.  I had a little swelling this morning, but not a lot so I felt this was realistic.  I didn’t eat out during the week and I watched sodium so I don’t think I have any significant fluid retention.

So, I am up about 4 pounds from my post-surgery low of 138.9 pounds.  That isn’t great, but it is manageable.  I had a reasonably good week.  I started to get back more into exercise and walked outside with my husband on a few days since the weather is getting cool enough to do that.  I did reasonably well on eating.

First, according to the information I get from Fitbit (calorie burn) and MyFitnessPal (calories eaten) I actually had a small calorie deficit for the week.  It was only about 50 calories a day, but I will take it.  For the week before I had a calorie surplus of 400 calories a day.  And, this was my first week with a calorie deficit since mid-September.  So, getting back to that point was important for me.

It was interesting that at the Weight Watchers meeting today the topic in the weekly handout was on having a recovery strategy if you go off track:


This was a great timely reminder to have a plan for what to do when you slip up or go off track. The 4 strategies recommended when you go off track are to:

  1. Change your situation. – So, if I overate because I brought home cookies, then I would find some way to get rid of them or at least put them out of sight.
  2. Plan your next move. – On this I plan what I will do next.  For example, for me this week, I planned out what meals I would eat and what snacks I would have so that I could end the week with a calorie deficit.  While I was off track, I hadn’t done nearly as much planning.
  3. Put things in perspective. – The idea here is to not catastrophize.  Yes, I am up almost 4 pounds from my lowest post-surgery weight.  And, I’m not happy about it.  On the other hand, I am still at a normal weight and I’ve come back from much worse gains than this.  Also, struggling a bit after all the surgery I’ve had over the last 5 months with all the forced inactivity is not surprising.  I wish I hadn’t gained a few pounds, but it is very much something I can come back from.
  4. Flip the script.  – This is about looking back at what caused me to go off track and plan how to handle things next time.  I started doing that in my last post.  Now, I’m not likely to have that kind of major surgery again where I can’t exercise.  But, similar things can happen.  I can get knocked out of my routine for whatever reason and it is important to think about in advance how to get back on track.  When we moved to our current home, I regained about 35 pounds.  I didn’t plan in advance for all the changes I would experience.  I think I have learned from that which is part of why I only gained 4 pounds this time.  Perhaps next time there is a big change in routine I will gain 2 pounds or even nothing.

I do feel I am much more back on track, although I still need to be vigilant this week.  One thing that will help is that next Saturday is a new month so I will need to do my November weigh in next Saturday if we go to Weight Watchers (right now, we plan to do that).  Ideally, I would like to go in there next Saturday with a loss.  Again, with the swelling still coming and going I can’t totally control that.  So, rather than having a goal to have a loss, my goal is to once again have a calorie deficit this week.  And, for it to be larger than the one this past week.

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