Explain This Weigh In Page! (And FitPoints Again)

Can anyone give any rational explanation for the layout on this weigh in page?  This is the Weight Watchers weigh in page as seen on my browser.  I am sure regular readers here know that I am a big fan of Weight Watchers.  I think it is a good program and I’ve been very successful on it.  But, I am actually dumbfounded that the layout on this page hasn’t been improved during this year.


OK.  Yes, there has been some small improvement.  When the beta tracker came out last year people were unhappy with the fact that it no longer showed a weight loss graph at all.  Many of us find it very motivating to look at our weight loss graph and to lose it entirely was upsetting.  It was still present on the mobile app, but I often use the browser.

Also, in the old tracker you could call up a chart of your weigh ins.  You could see a long list of weigh ins all on one page.  On the new tracker, you couldn’t do that.  For example, on the weight tracker today I could initially see exactly one month.  I could call up weigh ins for earlier month but I had to select “Show more” for each month I wanted to add.  And the weight log takes up a lot of space and is not a compact list.  A total of 7 weigh ins – one for each month in my case – takes up the entire page!


But, none of that is what baffles me the most!  Look at the first picture.  As you can see, during this year Weight Watchers added back in a weight chart.  Yay!  That is good. But….

Look at the weight chart.  Look how tiny it is compared to the image on the left.  It is roughly one-quarter the size of the picture to the left.  And, FWIW, that picture is awful.  I mean what is it even a picture of.  It looks like some brush maybe and then a cloudy sky?  I feel depressed just looking at it.  Yes, it has my weight on it and that is fine.  But, the picture is huge.  And, so ugly.

I don’t get it.  Why make the weight chart so tiny and make that picture so large?  Why use such an outstandingly ugly (even blurry) picture?  I don’t get it.  If you can explain what I am missing, I would be interested to know.

I get annoyed by this ever time I come in to record my weigh in.  Oh, that is another thing.  Used to, when I weighed in at the meeting I came home and my weigh in would show up online.  I didn’t have to manually enter the weigh ins.  Around the time I got back to free lifetime status, my weigh ins no longer updated when I weighed in at my meeting.  I have to manually enter them every month.  Not sure why that is.  So, every time I weigh in I have to come to this page and then am always astounded by the huge ugly picture and the teeny tiny chart.  And, I think of it as a wasted opportunity.

Weight Watchers heard the feedback from members and added the graph back in.  That is great.  But, why it is so tiny is a mystery.  And why they chose that awful, dreary picture (even if it was much smaller) is another mystery.

Oh, one other thing.  I posted a couple of weeks ago that I was able to swap FitPoints after earning 2 FitPoints.  So, if I earned 4 FitPoints I could swap 2 of them for food.  In the past I had to earn 3 before swapping.  I noticed today that I am now back to having to earn 3 FitPoints to be able to swap.

So, I did some experimenting to see if I could figure out what happened.  This seems to be tied to my weight!  I gained 2.4 pounds this week to get to 142.8 pounds.  I earned 4 FitPoints on Saturday and can swap 1 FitPoint (currently I am swapping Weekly SmartPoints first).  So, I went in and recorded that my weight on Sunday (since it is after midnight) is 140.4 pounds — what it is was until I recorded my Saturday weigh in.  As soon as I did that, I looked at the My Day page and found that I could now swap 2 FitPoints!  So, at 140.4 pounds my baseline to able to swap FitPoints is 2 FitPoints.  At 142.8 pounds, my baseline to swap FitPoints for food is 3 FitPoints.  Go figure.

I honestly don’t know the reasoning behind this, but there it is.  I did check and found that my breakpoint was at 141.6 pounds.  At 141.4 pounds, I can swap any FitPoints above 2 FitPoints.  At 141.6, I can swap any FitPoints above 3 FitPoints.

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