November Weigh In

I had my November weigh in yesterday and was up .4 pounds to 143.2 pounds from what it was a week earlier when I did my October weigh in.  I was a little irritated by it, to be honest, since I had a good week and felt I should have lost.  I mentioned to the leader (who was weighing me) before I stepped onto the scale that I expected a gain and wasn’t happy since I had eaten well.  She asked me how I deal with that.

I said that the main thing that helped me was that I weigh almost every day so I see the daily fluctuations and realize sometimes those kind of fluctuations happen.   If I didn’t weigh daily, I would be much more shocked to have a good week and then have a gain.  Weighing almost every day, I see how the fluctuations can occur even if my eating is fine and look at the big picture more than anything else.

So, I was OK with the weigh in.  I do very much want to have a good loss at my December weigh in.  By then, I am hoping that most of the remaining come and go swelling from surgery will be gone.  And, I hope to continue to build on the past couple of relatively good weeks.

I will say that while the last two weeks were fine — I had a calorie deficit, they weren’t perfect.  I still am not back to the activity level I want to be at.  And, as I mentioned in my post yesterday my average daily calories is higher than it was a couple of years ago.  I am doing better now than I was earlier in the year, but I could be doing better.  Those are things to work on during the remainder of this month.


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