December Weigh In

I was up 2.4 pounds to 145.6 pounds this month.  But, that is a bit misleading.  It was a cold, rainy day this morning.  So, I wore warm, fleece lined pants and wore a light jacket over my T shirt which I didn’t remove when I weighed.  A good part of the gain was due to the heavier clothes.  I do think probably half of it was due to my not so good November eating and the remainder was the clothes.

This is progress.  Last winter I wore shorts the entire winter and would change after weighing in.  A few months ago after my tummy tuck I did start wearing light long pants to weigh in, but today I wore much heavier clothes.  This will give me a lot more freedom to wear heavier clothes during the winter.

I have been happy the past several days as I was able to put together several good eating days.  Over the past couple of months, I’ve had difficulty doing that.  I’ve either eaten out too much — and not been careful enough when I did that — or I’ve just been hungry and overeating at home.  Finally, I was able to go several days eating in the range where I lose weight.

I still wasn’t active enough over the past month.  We did get back into walking outside with the cooler weather.  But, the last couple of weeks I didn’t do well.  We were busy due to the holiday and having my mom visiting.  And, I’ve just had a ton of stuff to do.

One thing I did this past week was that I had my permanent in my hair straightened.  I had gotten the permanent last February as I was at an awkward stage with my hair.  It wasn’t totally short any more and I wanted to grow it to shoulder length.  I find that length from below my ears to my shoulder to be a really awkward time and I don’t really like my hair while it is growing out.  And, that is why I got the permanent.

In some ways, I liked it.  It did get me through a lot of the awkwardness between hair that is no longer short, but isn’t long enough to really do anything.  But, it was driving me crazy.  With my permanent, I had to use product on it whenever I washed my hair and then couldn’t brush or comb it as it would frizz.  I hated that feeling that I couldn’t run my fingers through my hair or couldn’t brush it or it would just fuzz up.  The product made it feel stiff and unnatural and just felt yucky.

So, last week, I blow dried my permed hair straight to see how long it would be if straight.  It was about an inch above my shoulders.  I figured that was good enough.  I researched it and found out that I could get it straightened by using the same kind of products that gave me the perm in the first place.  So, I went in to the hairdresser and had it straightened this week.  The hairdresser who does my perm is different from the one who does my color and cut.  So, Monday I go back to my other hairdresser to get my hair trimmed.  Now that I don’t have the perm the ends need to be evened up.  Also, the pattern of my highlighting needs to be changed a bit.  And, I’m going to get bangs cut again.  It was interesting to grow my hair out without bangs.  But, with my high forehead, I think I look better with bangs.

Oh, I am also getting some laser treatment to my face.  I am doing Resurfx, which actually has two modes.  First, I am doing Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which does pulses of intense light to help with pigmentation and skin photoaging.  Then I do the non-ablative laser skin resurfacing which stimulates collagen growth and can treat scars and wrinkles.  I am doing a series of 5 treatments.  Basically, they numb my face with a cream, then do the IPL and then do the skin resurfacing.  Here is a pic of how it looks right after I had it done on Thursday.


Let me just say that this looks a whole lot more painful than it felt.  This was a my second treatment.  I will have 5 of them most likely about 4 weeks apart. In my case, I want to correct a couple of specific things and want to generally improve the overall evenness of my skin tone.  I have a small brown spot on my right side of my face (can’t be seen above) that I hope to fade.  Also, I had acne into my 40s so I have a few small acne scars that I would like to work on.  I don’t have much scarring from the face lift, but that is also part of the area worked on.  This may also help a bit with wrinkles, but that wasn’t really my main goal with this.  I do feel a have a lot of uneven skin tone and I hope this will help with that.

Oh, that reminds me.  I did have a little revision on my face on November 11th.  First, the third session was done of removing the cholesterol deposits around my eyes.  The first part was done when I did my other facial surgery in May.  Then, when I did my body surgery in July, another round was done.  This was the third one. Here is how it looked the afternoon of the surgery.


This was done in the doctor’s office with injections beforehand to numb everything.  I’ve been amazed at how quickly this healed as you can partially see in the picture of me after the Resurfx treatment.

Another part of the visit was repiercing my ears after my old piercing had been removed (the piercing had been too low originally and both ears had almost torn through making it difficult to wear any but the lightest of earrings and even they looked odd).

The other part was to repair my pixie ear.  See the pic below of my left ear.  See how the lobe is adhered to my face rather than danging?  Well, it wasn’t like that before my facelift.  Apparently, this is a common thing that sometimes happens during healing.


So, the doctor had me wait 6 months and then fixed that.  He also removed some scar tissue on the back of my ear.


And, the above is also taken on the day of surgery.  It has all healed great and I’m very happy with the repair.


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