I Hate Buying Clothes

I was actually intending to do a post on motivation today, but I just need to vent.  I absolutely hate clothes shopping.  Post tummy tuck/breast lift, I really need new clothes.  I had almost run out of clothes after I got to goal, but had been slow on buying new stuff because I knew I was going to have the surgery and didn’t want to buy stuff that might not fit later.

Well, later is here and I have next to nothing that fits me.  I used to love wearing really loose T shirts and sweatshirts.  I don’t like clothes that are tight, especially around the neck.  But, things are getting ridiculous now.  When I went to get my hair straightened the other day, the hairdresser told me I need to get some clothes that fit.  I was wearing an extra large sweatshirt and, yes, it was way too big.

So, the past few days I’ve been trying to correct things.  I ordered a few T shirts and sweatshirts online.  These are brands I’ve worn before so I know my size.  But, the pants situation is getting dire.  I have a couple of pairs of workout pants (well, one of them is a little loose but is barely OK).  I have one pair of jeans that fits and that is it.  I have one pair of “nice” pants that I can wear if I wear a top that covers the waist, since the pants are too loose.

I’ve been wanting another pair of jeans and thought I would go to Old Navy to get a pair of black jeans.  That shouldn’t be difficult.  I am now a perfectly average size 10.  I don’t like skinny jeans (that whole not liking tight stuff) and I need a short size since my height rounds up to 5’4″.  Well.

I had to spend quite awhile just to find exactly one pair of size 10 small jeans to try on.  The biggest problem was that the jeans were in no order at all.  I literally sat on the floor and pulled out every pair of black jeans to check on size.  It was a total mess.  I mean, of course, it makes sense to have the size 2s with the size 18s!  There was no order at all.  I recognize customers get things out of order, but I would think the employees should try to put them back into something resembling order.  It didn’t have to be exact, but at least where I could narrow it down to a shelf or two.

And, of course, it was so weird that there were no size 10s.  I found a few Talls or Regulars, but only a few.  There were literally stacks of size 8 and size 12.  There were more size 2s and size 18s than there were size 10.

I finally found a few things to try on.  I actually went and tried on men’s jeans and a 10 regular and an 8 short to see if any of them would fit (none of them did).  I finally found a pair of Size 10 short jeans and they fit perfectly!  That was great since they didn’t fit before my tummy tuck.  Back then, size 12 was too big and I had a huge muffin top with size 10.  Now, they fit perfectly.  But, they were blue not black.  So I took a pic so I could buy them online.


On the way out I spoke with a manager, who said they were short staffed.  I had commented that I had to stand in line to try on the jeans and there were 4 employees just standing in the dressing room area, only one of whom was doing anything.  He said that the other 3 were trainees observing.  I wish they had been observing how to put the shelves back in order…

I also mentioned that there were almost no size 10s.  He said they send them the clothes based upon what they think will sell.  I pointed out that the fact there were almost no size 10s and there were stacks of size 18s and other sizes might give them a clue that the size 10s were selling and the others weren’t.  He agreed, but said he had no control over it.

So, I left there and went to Dress Barn.  I went there looking for a nice pair of pants and a top.  I have one “nice” outfit that I wear for things like meetings where I need to look good and can’t just wears jeans and a T shirt.  I used to have a closetful of those kinds of clothes when I worked full-time in an office.  Now that I work mostly from home I don’t need much of that type of clothes and have worked my way down to one outfit which is too large for me.  So, I really need to replace it.

I actually had a real feeling of nostalgia when I went into Dress Barn.  There was a time that I spent a lot of money on my office clothes.  But, then I got to a point where I could only fit into plus sizes.  And, I didn’t want to spend lots of money on clothes that I hated having to buy.  And, frankly, often Dress Barn had more attractive plus size clothes than I could get in many expensive department stores.  So, it was my go to place for that type of clothes.

Now that I can buy in the “regular” department, it feels a little strange to go into Dress Barn.  This store has basically split in half between the 2 parts.  Well, there was a small petite section at the back of the store.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find much that I liked at this store.  One thing I don’t like at Dress Barn is that a lot of their nicer pants don’t have pockets and even some of their jackets.  That is a deal breaker for me.  I also had size problems again.  I found one suit I really liked (Jones of New York).  It was purple which is my favorite color.  But…no size 10!  There was everything else.  Just not a size 10.  So, I came up empty again.

I think I may just start ordering more clothes online.  I’ve tended not to do that since you can’t be sure of size really.  I think I am pretty solid on being a size 10 in pants right now.  Tops are a little more problematical.  I seem to be a medium on most things, but I can wear a small in some things.  But, the other day I tried on a shirt where I needed a large.  Go figure.

But, most places I look at online do give free returns so maybe I will just do more of that.  Or do like I did with Old Navy today.  After I got home, I found the same jeans online and ordered them in black.  I feel confident they will fit since they fit in the store in blue.  And, they were on sale online so I saved money.

I still need to find a “nice” pair of black pants and a top with a jacket that I can wear to meetings.  I hate braving the mall but I may need to go do that soon.  Ugh.  If I can’t find the right size or color, though, maybe I can narrow it down enough that I can confidently order online.


  1. Erin says

    Have you tried Chicos? I really like their stuff, always lots of sizes and prices are not too bad. Great sales too. Worth a try if you have one near you!

  2. Cindy R says

    Try Talbots. They have a really good petite selection. While they may bit a pricier when they often have sales or discounts when you go in. Also if you order on line you can return them at the store. Another good spot for pants, jeans, shirts, casual and dressy is Loft. I also appreciate you showing before and after pictures of the different procedures you have had done. How long did the redness last on your face after your latest procedure?

    • says

      I need to go back to Talbots. I used to buy a lot of clothes there when I was working in an office full-time. We had one close to us where we used to live. I need to go back there. I have been there in awhile but I always liked their clothes.
      Kitty recently posted…I Hate Buying ClothesMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Kitty – I hope you are able to find some new clothes that you like! It is a real shame to be walking around in old oversized clothes that don’t fit. Wearing well-fitting clothes helps my mood and outlook tremendously. I agree with the suggestions for Talbot’s but have never really liked the cut of Chico’s clothes for my body shape, but I see lots of cute stuff there. I also like Nordstrom for cuter, less-common items, and recently found Kohl’s and a couple cute things in there, too. My personal favorite store is Athleta, but it’s mostly athletic wear or “athleisure” (though they do have some non-athletic clothing as well). Hope you find some good stuff soon!
    Wendy recently posted…Current program.My Profile

    • says

      Thanks for the ideas. When I worked in an office I had a Nordstroms across the street and used to go there quite often. I’ve never tried Kohl’s but we have one not to far from here. I was doing a search online the other day and came across Athleta and it did have some cute stuff.

  4. dkw1975 says

    How did the Old Navy pants fit that you bought online?
    I bought two pairs of pants there, same size same style.
    I tried on only one pair.
    That pair fits great. The other pair is cut differently and too snug.
    I checked all the tags. They are supposedly the same….

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