Weight Watchers Updates My Day Page

Weight Watchers has updated the browser My Day page to look more similar to how it looks on the mobile app.  I had started hearing about the change a week or so ago*, but it hadn’t changed for me.  Today, it  finally changed.  If you are a member and it hasn’t changed for you, keep trying every day.  I think they may be rolling it out in stages.  There are now 3 tabs:  Weight, Food, and Activity.

The Food Log

The default seems to be for food:


First, I will say that the page is much cleaner looking without a lot of extraneous information.  They got rid of the big pictures and the right hand column for Helpful Info that was never very helpful to me.

I love how this clearly shows the weekly points left (on the left) and shows the total daily points used.  It was a real annoyance to me that I had to mentally add that up on the old food log on the browser.  The total was given on the mobile app, but not the browser.  This is much better.

They do continue to show the total for each meal and for snacks as a group (the snacks are cut off on the screenshot but you can scroll down when you are on the browser).  It is cut off at the top the above image, but there is a search bar and a create dropdown at the top:


At the top on the right, under Create is the calculator as before.  However, it doesn’t say calculator on the dropdown any more.  Instead, it says Food, but it is the calculator (you can also create a food).

Another nice feature is the Quick Add.  If you hit Quick Add you get a small box where you can simply add the total points and the name.  This can be a time saver if I just want to record something that I know points of but don’t want to create as a food.

When you search for a food, you get this screen:


In the example, I was going to search for Kay’s Natural Protein Cookie Bites.  As you can see, I only got as far as entering “ka” and then under Top Hits, it shows the two Kay’s snacks that I often eat, plus kale.  Then, below it shows other foods that start with “ka.”

What this tells me is that I may not need to often go to Favorites to search for a food.  Yes, I can do that and probably would for a food that was in my favorites but wouldn’t make it to Top Hits.  But, honestly, I will just do this most of the time.  Note that entering a food does not require you to back to the first food log and then search again.  You can enter a food, then start a new search without going back to the food log.

Now, this was the same way I searched for food on the “old” food log.  I found this and the ability to search Favorites or My Food sufficient.  However, on the old food log you could search those ways, but you could also, track by meal.

In the old Food log, you first went to the My Day Page and then would select Food (I like that on the new one, you don’t have 2 step process.  You see the Food Log immediately upon going to My Day). Instead of having an option there to Quick Add a food’s points and name, you could instead click on Track Breakfast, Track Lunch, Track Dinner, or Track Snacks.


Here is how that looked (you can still go back to the old tracker if you want to).  Let’s say I wanted to Track Dinner.  I would hit Track Dinner and get the following:


There would be top entries for Frequent Dinner items, and then a listing of Recent Dinner items.  The new food tracker no longer has that option on the Food Log to track this way.  Personally, I don’t really miss it and if I could have this or the ability to Quick Add from the food log — I would take the Quick Add.  The problem for me is that so often what I want to track doesn’t show up in the Frequent dinner or Recent Dinner sections.  Yes, those foods listed are foods that I eat fairly often, but there are foods that I eat often that aren’t on there.  For example, take the rotisserie chicken and the oliver oil and balsamic vineger on there.  When I have that for dinner, it is part of a salad.  I usually have some other things on that salad that have points such as some cheese or sliced almonds.  They don’t show up on the list so I still have to go search for them.  I never really knew when I hit to Track Lunch (or whatever) whether what I ate was going to show up there so I tended to just not bother and searched at the top of the page.

What don’t I like about the food log?  Two things mostly.  First, to go to a prior date you still have to go back one day at a time.  It was like that on the old food log as well.  However, in the food log before that (the one before late 2015), there was a drop down calendar and you could quickly move to the specific date you wanted.  I still miss that feature.

The second thing is that the newer food log takes up more real estate so you have to scroll more.  Here is what I can see without scrolling for Sunday on the old food log: ww-old-log-page

As you can see, I can see everything I ate on Sunday.  But, the new food log cuts off about half the food:


This isn’t a deal breaker for me since it is easy to scroll down.  And, overall, I like the cleaner look.  But I think they didn’t have to allocate so much space to each entry and I would have preferred to be able to see more of the entries without scrolling.

The Weight Log

The Weight Log is now one of the 3 tabs on the first page when you go to My Day.  Before it was on the bar above the food log.  I much prefer the new placement. Overall, I think the new weight log is better, but still has some of the deficiencies of the prior log.

Here is the new weight log:


That it is easy to see the starting, current and goal weights.  That information was on the old weight log, but it stands out more now.

I also like that the weight graph is very upfront and each to see.  You can click on a dot and see the date and exact weight.  And, you can select from several periods of time to display. And, I like the placement of the weight loss summary and the cute milestone icons.  You can click on Milestone Details and see when each one was first earned.  Below that you can see your weigh ins separated by months.

Now, the old weight log page was so bad I did an entire blog post about how much I didn’t like it. That post was on October 30 and part of what I address was that I was “dumbfounded that the layout on this page hasn’t been improve during this year.”  Well, perhaps we know why now.  They were planning to change it and it hadn’t happened yet.  Here is the page as I saw it back then:


The thing that most dumbfounded me about that page was that horrible dreary photograph that was enormous and took up so much of the page.  The weight graph was tiny and none of it made much sense to me.  So, yes, the new one is a big improvement!

There is one main thing I don’t like.  You can’t see many of your weights in the list on the page.  You can select more and then you see a few more months, and then you can select more again and see more entries.  What you can’t get is simply a list of all of your weights.  That functionality existed in the pre-late 2015 weight log.  And, that functionality still exists in the mobile app when you select Table View.  I would like to have that on the browser weight log page.  Also, in the mobile app you can enlarge the graph which is nice.  Again, I would like to have that ability on the browser web page.

There is one thing that I like better on the old weight log.  The graph was in blue.  The new graph is in yellow and I hate yellow.  But, you can’t have everything…

Activity Log

The new activity log isn’t much different:


I think it has a cleaner look and I like the display at the top better, but really there isn’t much change.


Connect is the Twitter like social media gathering spot for Weight Watchers members.  For a long time, you could only access it through the mobile app.  Awhile ago, Weight Watchers added a link to Connect on the web browser, but you could only read Connect.  You couldn’t post or respond.  Now, you can like a post and you can comment on another person’s post.  You can also initiate following someone.  I don’t yet see a way to initiate a post of your own.  I don’t know when the ability to respond was added since I don’t go to Connect often on the browser, but I did notice it today. So, full functionality is not yet present, but it is better.

Overall Impression

I like this better and think many of the problems that were initiated with the tracker changes in late 2015 have been corrected.  Overall, I am happy enough with it.  Yes, I’ve mentioned several things that I wish were different, but it is much better than it was a year ago.  Having said all that, I will say that I often find that there are still some things where there is more functionality on the mobile app or it is easier to use the mobile app.  As a result, I will sometimes use the mobile app even when I am sitting in front of my desktop computer.

As always, I encourage giving feedback to Weight Watchers about what you like or don’t like on these changes.


  1. Arleen Delgado says

    Thank you for your review of this new WW remake of the “My Day” page. I had “walked away” from the program before hearing or seeing the new changes WW rolled out. Today, I decided to restart my program and when I went to track my first breakfast, I felt like I’d hit a wall. At the time I write this, I have chatted with WW as my NEW PC “My Day” page does not have a “live” search food bar. And I seem to have lost all of my favorite items that I spent months entering. Or maybe they are there but there is no live tab on “My Day” where I can find my favorite foods/enter/track. And the Quick Add just goes to their menus/recipes. My iPhone6 app on the other hand, is still set on the old “My Day” page and I had no problem entering my foods/finding my favorites. I was given a 1-800-651-6000 number to call so I’ll see what the issue is with my non-existent search bar. And thanks for your review, it was much more indepth than the link I was provided! Regards, Arleen

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