Just a heads up to anyone who has been going to the message boards that were set by some refugees from the old official Weight Watchers message boards, when they went poof.  The boards have moved and are now at:

New WWmessageboards.

When you go there you do have to register even if you had a login at the old message boards.  I am posting there as Kittylessofabetterme and I used to post on the official Weight Watchers forums (and occasionally on connect) as catspell.

To give a bit of history.  Until a few months ago, Weight Watchers had official message boards on the Weight Watchers sites.  I long enjoyed those forums as I’ve posted before.  The only knock on them was that since they were available to the public (i.e. people not members of Weight Watchers) you couldn’t post point counts on food.  But, I enjoyed the forum as a good way to ask questions from other members and to get feedback.

While I was in the middle of all my plastic surgery and recovery, Weight Watchers shut down the forums.  I was really said when I found that out.  Some commenters here led me to this group of former posters on the Weight Watchers boards who had found a place to start their own forum.  Unfortunately, a few days ago they found out they had to move their hosting and so had to move the forums.

The purpose of this post is to make sure people know where the new forums are and to encourage even non-Weight Watchers members to go to the forums.  WWmessageboards are not affiliated with Weight Watchers. Many of the people there follow Weight Watchers, but others do not.


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