Weigh In and Weight Watchers 2017

Two topics for this post. Another December weigh in and a little preview about the Weight Watchers program for 2017

Weigh In

As a lifetime member at goal, I only have to weigh in at my first Weight Watchers meeting of the month.  Until my surgery, I went to meetings most every week but didn’t often weigh in except one time during the month.  I haven’t done so since January.  But, sometimes, I do weigh in more often.  Today, I weighed in because (1) I’ve had a good two weeks and like to reflect that in a weigh in and (2) I didn’t want my last 2016 weigh in to be the December weigh in which reflected a lot of the bad choices I had made in November.

I weighed in today at 142.8 pounds, down 2.8 pounds since my weigh in 2 weeks ago.  Now, for me, that is a huge loss even spread over 2 weeks.  Once I got to close to (and then within) a normal weight range losses were usually well under a pound most weeks.  This weigh in puts me back exactly where I was at my weigh in on October 29th.

I am still up a little from my tummy tuck/breast lift.  Weighed without clothes right before surgery I was at 147 pounds at home and 146 pounds at the hospital.  My home scale consistently weighs me about a pound heavier than other scales. Just slightly over 6 pounds of tissue was removed during surgery, so that put my new baseline weight at 140 pounds (which is 141 pounds on my home scale).  This morning at home I was at 142.1 pounds so about 1.1 pounds over my post-surgery weight.  So, I feel good to be back in that range although I would like to get down a little lower.  My first goal is to get to 138.9 on my home scale which is my post-surgery low.

Weight Watchers Plan 2017

In the meeting today was a discussion about the Weight Watchers program for 2017.  There will not be any changes to SmartPoints for 2017.  For those hoping for a new Weight Watchers plan for 2017 or even for substantial changes to SmartPoints, that won’t be happening.

That is not a surprise to me.  I had heard from other members that their leaders had indicated there would be no changes.  The leader at my meeting indicated that people are losing more weight on SmartPoints and it has been successful.  I still think that SmartPoints needs some tweaks, but I am not surprised that there will be none.

The leader did say there would be some changes that didn’t involve the food plan.  I do not know what all is changing, but she did give a preview which was based upon the main topic in the Weight Watchers Weekly booklet.  The weekly booklet had an article “Reality-Check the Holidays” and talked about how thoughts affect action.  The process was to look at the event, then your thought, then your feeling and then your action.  The idea was to look at the thought and if it is unhelpful then to reality check and replace it with a helpful thought.  If you change your thought, you can change your feeling and which can change your action.

While we didn’t talk about this a lot, this seems to be something similar to trying to change thoughts in cognitive behavioral therapy.  While I like Weight Watchers, I have often used elements from other sources.  One book that I found helpful that uses CBT principles was  The Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck.

In the meeting, my leader said that members do well when the mind is right and need to learn skill sets to help the mind set.  She said that this was area where members were asking for help.  So, during 2017, Weight Watchers will be introducing skill sets.  An example was the one about thoughts influencing actions that was talked about today.  She also mentioned future skills sets on body image and mindfulness.

I am looking forward to these meetings during 2017.  I know there is often a disappointment when there are no changes to a food plan if you don’t totally like the food plan.  I like a lot about SmartPoints, but there are definitely parts of it that I don’t like.  I very much think that points vary too much on things other than calories which can result in either not eating enough calories or eating too many.  So, I would have liked to have seen some tweaks to the plan.

All of that said, I do strongly feel that mindset is very important and I reject the idea that we are simply at the mercy of our feelings.  Many people feel that actions follow feelings.  The point being made today is that feeling follow thought and then comes action.  So, if you can change the thought then you can change the feeling and then the action.

So, I think these skill sets are very important.  In fact, I tend to think they are most likely going to be more important than the specific food plan.  In the post I did about motivation, I talked about believing that two essential things for weight loss are motivation and tools.  Improving our mindset and getting rid of negative, unhelpful thoughts improves both our motivation and tools.  I look forward to learning about what Weight Watchers has in store for 2017.

Oh, one other thing.  Historically, Weight Watchers has given out new materials for the next year beginning usually with the first Sunday in December.  This year they are not doing that.  This wasn’t addressed at my meeting.  However, from members elsewhere, I have heard that it was indicated any new materials would go out in January and one person indicated they would only be given to new members and not existing members.   I’m not sure if the information given that person was correct and I’m not sure to what extent new materials are even needed if there are no changes to the plan and if the only changes deal with what will be discussed in meetings during the year.  But, January is not far away and we will find out soon enough.


  1. katpaws says

    Yes, all members will get the new books – However, according to my leader, existing members will get all the books in one lump (I think she said there are 5) where as new or returning members will get the books one at a time (each week)

  2. Jennifer says

    That’s nice to hear. I’ve been a member but haven’t gone to a meeting in about 2 months. Looking forward to going back.

  3. Jane Worthington says

    Interestingly there are a lot of people who really do not like SP and are attending class but following PP without telling their leaders. See Facebook Groups (I belong to two of them) therefore SP is not as successful as we might think. For me it is about the available weeklies having 49pp helped me manage my weekends and I lost 28lbs in three months, a year down the line of SP and slowly 12lbs back on. Since converting back to PP last week I am back on track and lost 2lbs in a week – I call a result. I am much happier with my food choices and wish I hadn’t stuck with sp for so long.

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