February Weigh In

I weighed in for my official February weigh in and was at 141.6 pounds, down .2 pounds since last week.  I was glad for the loss, but a little irritated.  At my home weigh in right before going to Weight Watchers, I was at 140.7 pounds which was .4 pounds less than I weighed last Saturday.  So, I expected to have a .4 pound loss at Weight Watchers.  When I got there, though, the scale flickered at 141.4 pounds and then settled at 141.6 pounds (the scales there weigh in .2 pound increments).

That said, though, I was happy with the overall of January.  And, 140.7 pounds at home puts me just below my new baseline of 140.8 pounds after I had tummy tuck/breast lift surgery in July.  I had gained a few pounds between September and December and I’ve spent the last 2 months getting back to that baseline.

I actually have been doing something new the past couple of months and I’ll be posting about that soon.



  1. Sheryl says

    Good for you! What I wouldn’t give to weigh 140 again! I have about 50 lbs. to lose, and this is my year to do it (or at least get most of it off). So far, so good on my progress.

    Please keep us posted about what you are doing new. Me? Although I’m still a member of WW and go to meetings and follow the structure of the program, I’ve returned to the Pointsplus manual calculation of one point equalling 40 cals/rounding up or down to the nearest whole point. I can do that in my head, and I find it easier to include my favorite foods. The benefits of lowering saturated fat, in a calorie controlled environment, is still being debated in the scientific community, and I never did eat a ton of sugar anyway. So, I’m returning to what worked best for me. I got derailed with Smartpoints! Honestly, I can see why so many people just count calories. It’s straightforward and you don’t need an app, manual calculator or website to do it. That is why I’m doing Pointsplus – for me, just a super easy way of counting calories. I guess no matter how we do it, in the end it’s all about lowering those calories.

    I really enjoy your blog and have learned a lot from it!

    • says

      There was a time when I had more than 50 pounds to lose. It helped for me to not think about that but just to set like 5 pound goals at a time.

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