The Wedding Dress – 25 Years Later

Today was my 25th wedding anniversary.  My husband and I went out to dinner at Fogo de Chao for our celebration.  And, I wore my wedding dress.

I was in my mid 30s when we married (my first marriage) and didn’t feel the need to do the traditional wedding.  I had for many years in the back of mind had two sort of unconventional ideas for a wedding.  The first was that I thought it would be romantic to get married in Las Vegas.  I’m not really sure why I thought that.  Maybe it was watching too many movies in the 1960s where the zany couple ended up getting married in Vegas.  Or, maybe, Viva Las Vegas had stuck with me.  Regardless, I just had this desire to fly off to Las Vegas and get married there.

Now, of course, lots of people do that.  So, it isn’t all that unconventional.  So, once we decided to get married there I knew I wouldn’t be wearing a traditional wedding dress.  So, I rushed off to try to find a dress and focused on cocktail type dresses.  I went from store to store and didn’t find much that I liked.  Then, I ended up at Neiman Marcus.  I went through the regular departments and found nothing and finally ended up on the top floor at the Last Call where they had items that had been severely marked down.  And, I found the dress.  I immediately loved it.  The problem?  It was black.  But…that brings up the second unconventional idea.  I had occasionally thought it would be interesting to wear black to my wedding.  I didn’t actually plan to do it, but it sort of appealed to me.

And, here was this black dress.  It wasn’t just black actually.  It was covered in beads and sequins, many of which were not black.  But, I really loved the dress.  So, I asked my husband (well, fiance, at the time) if he was OK with me wearing it and he was fine.  So that was what I did.

When we got married, I was on the upward slope of weight gain after getting to goal weight.  I was well over my goal weight of 125 pounds but was close to my now 146 pound goal weight. I think I was at about 148 pounds at the wedding.  Actually, when I bought the dress I was a few pounds lighter than I was at the actual wedding.  To squeeze into the dress for the wedding, I had to wear lots of compression garments.  I loved the dress, but I do remember how I felt I could barely breathe at the time.

After the wedding, I planned to continue to wear the dress from time to time.  I think I actually wore it once a couple of weeks after we got married.  But, I kept gaining weight and soon it didn’t fit me any more.

Over the years, I eventually got rid of all the clothes that I couldn’t fit into…except for the wedding dress.  I carefully kept it safe and carted it around, thinking that someday I might be able to wear it again.  Last year, I was  144 pounds and change at our anniversary.  I weighed a few pounds less than I had weighed at our wedding.  So, I thought that I could surely wear the dress.  But, no.  The dress is a form fitting sheath style.  And, with my loose abdominal skin after pregnancy and weight loss, I couldn’t quite zip up the dress.

But, then I had my tummy tuck this last summer.  And, I tested a few weeks ago and realized that I can now wear the dress!  In fact, I can easily wear it and still breathe at the same time.  So, 25 years later, I finally was able to wear my wedding dress once again.   Here is how it looked 25 years ago.

Note earrings I am wearing at my wedding.  I still own those earrings.  For years, I couldn’t wear them either because they were heavy and my ear piercings had almost torn through and I couldn’t wear that type of earring.  During my last surgery, the plastic surgeon repaired my ear lobes and I had them pierced again a few months ago and I can once again wear the earrings that I love.  Here is a photo from today showing the earrings and I am once again wearing my wedding ring and engagement ring.

And that was something else I couldn’t wear for years.  I was able to wear my wedding ring before pregnancy even when I had gained 15 pounds.  But, afterward, I couldn’t wear it.  It wasn’t until I was in, I think, my 150s again that I could wear the ring.  And, I hadn’t been able to wear the engagement ring with my wedding ring even then.  But, tonight I could wear both of them together which was great.

Anyway, it was great to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary and being able to wear my wedding dress just made it extra special.  And, it was a good reminder of how happy I am that I had the plastic surgery that I had last year.

Oh, the meal was great, especially the dessert (shared between us).

And, yes, even tonight I tracked my food.  This was an all you can eat sort of thing with a lot of choices and no online nutritional information.  But, I took photos of my food and then did my best to find comparable items and tracked it when I got home.

And, it was entirely worth it!


  1. Cindy R says

    Happy 25th Anniversary to you and your husband! Your wedding dress is beautiful and you look terrific and happy! I love your hair, it is a really flattering cut and color.

    • says

      Thanks. I’ve been tweaking the hair every time I go in and I really like how it has worked out. I can’t blow dry it well to save my life so I actually went to do this month’s color yesterday so it would look good for the evening.

  2. says

    I love love love everything about this post!! I love that you can wear your wedding dress 25 years later, I love that you look fabulous in it, and I just LOVE that you had such a unique and beautiful wedding dress! You are positively beautiful, back then certainly, but most definitely now!! Oh, and I also love that your dress doesn’t look dated at all! 🙂 Congratulations on 25 years AND on all your weight-loss success!!
    Stephanie Hawkins recently posted…Quick Check-InMy Profile

  3. Darlene says

    What a happy and uplifting post! You look terrific and it sounds like you feel great too. Happy Anniversary and I love your dress. I also chose a blue dress to get married in – we just had a small wedding, nothing fancy, and that was fine with me.

  4. KAREN says

    Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. Your dress is beautiful and so stylish and relevant 25 years later. I’ve been wanting to take a visit to Fogo de Chao. I like your healthy selections.

    • says

      I had never been to Fogo de Chao. I don’t eat beef, so I wasn’t sure it would have stuff for me but I was very happy with it and I mostly loaded up with the healthier stuff and ate that first.

  5. says

    Happy 25th anniversary! You look gorgeous in the wedding dress! I also got married–at age 22–in a black print dress. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who didn’t want to wear white. Now brides of all ages seem to wear white even when it’s their second wedding (or more!). You are so inspiring!

  6. Jen says

    Happy Anniversary <3
    You look wonderful and happy (as does your husband!). I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for the inspiration. Jen

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