March Weigh In

The day of reckoning.  Yes, I was up 5.4 pounds to 147 pounds.  As I posted on Friday, I was off track for 4 weeks.  At the worst of it I was up 9 pounds!  So, a gain of 5.4 pounds really demonstrated that I was much more on program for the last week.  I think my “true” weight gain (not including fluid retention) is about 3 pounds.

I am irritated with myself for getting off track, but am glad I’m back on track now and plan to stay there.  Going forward one of my big goals for this month is to get back into more activity.  That is something I got out of doing when I had surgery last year.  And, it wasn’t optional.  I had to stop exercising for a time.  But, I am able to do more now and need to be doing more.  That is next on my list to get back on track with now that the food part is doing better.

Getting Way, Way Off Track and Then Getting Back

As I posted in early February, I had a great early February weigh in.  I was down below my baseline after my tummy tuck. Things were going great.  And, then I crashed and burned.  Honestly, the 4 weeks after my weigh in were terrible.  I went just really out of control.  I did exactly one good thing.  I continued to track what I ate.  So I know that over those 4 weeks I averaged eating almost 650 calories more per day than I ate during January!  I was wearing my Fitbit over this time and it tells me that for those 3 weeks I have a legit 3.2 pound weight gain based upon my calorie surplus (that is the amount that my calories eaten exceeded those burned).

Of course, eating so much more, I ate a lot more carbs and there is fluid retention (eating carbs results in holding on to to more water).  So, at the worst my weight was up to 149.8 pounds which was a gain of 9 pounds over 4 weeks!  Of course, I know that most of that is not true weight gain.  I’ve been on track since last Saturday and I’m now down almost 3 1/2 pounds.  So, I’m still up almost 6 pounds, of which I think about half is true weight gain. [Read more…]