March Weigh In

The day of reckoning.  Yes, I was up 5.4 pounds to 147 pounds.  As I posted on Friday, I was off track for 4 weeks.  At the worst of it I was up 9 pounds!  So, a gain of 5.4 pounds really demonstrated that I was much more on program for the last week.  I think my “true” weight gain (not including fluid retention) is about 3 pounds.

I am irritated with myself for getting off track, but am glad I’m back on track now and plan to stay there.  Going forward one of my big goals for this month is to get back into more activity.  That is something I got out of doing when I had surgery last year.  And, it wasn’t optional.  I had to stop exercising for a time.  But, I am able to do more now and need to be doing more.  That is next on my list to get back on track with now that the food part is doing better.


  1. Sheryl says

    Just carry on, that’s all we can do! I just want to say I’m still so thankful for your post of last year, breaking down the Smartpoints formula so that we can do it in our head. It’s very freeing – I absolutely abhor being tied to a calculator, app or website for the rest of my life to figure out what my points are. Yes, I still use my handy WW calculator, but it’s very freeing knowing I don’t HAVE to. I wonder how many more people would be interested in WW if they knew they had this alternative.

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