Another Birthday

So, yesterday was my birthday.  It was my 4th birthday since I started this blog.  I had a great day.  One thing I always like to do on my birthday is take pictures so I have a record of where I was at the time.  Honestly, I am super picky about pictures and usually hate every picture taken of me.  Even with my plastic surgery, I still hate most pictures of me.  I actually liked how I looked in the mirror before the pictures were taken.  I just didn’t like most of the pictures and I usually feel that way.  It isn’t that I don’t like how I look.  I think I look fine.  It is the pictures I don’t like.  So, I always have someone (usually my husband) take a ton of pictures and I nitpick them to to death.  Inevitably, there are things I like on every picture, but things I don’t like.  We had a lot of difficulty with the lighting today, but there was one picture that had great lighting.  But, the expression on my face was not so great.  And, so it went.  Anyway, I finally picked two that I was reasonably OK with.


Neither one is perfect.  I liked the top picture, but my hair was in my eyes a bit too much.  The bottom picture I liked fairly well, but I wasn’t smiling quite enough.  But, the pictures where I was smiling generally had bad lighting or other flaws.  So, I’ll take these.  Even so, I’m happier with these photos that those of past years.

Last year, my pictures were taken just a couple of weeks before I had my facial plastic surgery.  I wasn’t really very happy with how my face was looking at the time. I was glad I had gotten to goal weight, but I felt that gravity and weight loss had resulted in my face looking like it was very droopy.  Even so, I was reasonably happy with the pictures.

But, let me put it this way.  I felt my pictures last year looked better than I looked in person.  This year, I think I look better in person.  Still, I like how I look in this year’s pictures must better.

2015 was much like 2016.  I felt that I looked better in the picture than I looked in person.  That year we took quite a few pictures before I found this one acceptable:


Again, I like this year’s picture (and my appearance) way better than I liked the picture in 2015.  At the time that picture was taken I was not quite at goal but was close (152 pounds).

I actually really liked my 2014 picture.  I thought this was a good picture.  At the time the picture was taken, I weighed 173.4 pounds.  I think that is part of the reason that my face didn’t look as droopy then.  I still had age related drooping then (that was the birthday I turned 60).  But, I didn’t have the weight loss related drooping.


Of course, comparing that picture to this years or last year’s, I can definitely see the difference in weight.  At the time I was pretty happy with how I was looking at 173 pounds since I had lost 30 pounds.  But, I was still a long way from goal weight.  So, yes, I like this picture a lot.  But, I can look at it and compare to now and can see the difference between where I was then and where I am now from a weight standpoint.


  1. Sylvia says

    Happy Birthday! I’m glad you have a wonderful day. I love you kitty shirts.
    My birthday this year is my 40th, and very close to my 1 year on WW. I wish I had pictures from earlier birthdays to compare, but I never let my picture be taken if I could help it. While I still feel that way a bit I’m trying to get over it. No matter what the picture looks like, I like who I see in the mirror.

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