April Weigh In

Well, my April weigh in wasn’t pretty.  I was up 1.4 pounds to 148.4 pounds. And, that was a really significant gain as it put me more than 2 pounds above my goal weight which meant that I had to pay at Weight Watchers this month.  This is the first time this happened since I got back to goal in the summer of 2015. The absolute most important thing, though, is that I went to the meeting knowing that I was going to weigh in enough above goal that I would have to pay.  But, I went anyway.

What happened?  When I weighed in for March — 7 weeks ago — I had just had a good week after 4 horrendous weeks.  I was up 5.4 pounds.  That was basically just flat out overeating.  I tracked, but that was about all that I did that was good.

But, I had that good week before I weighed in on March 11.  I diagnosed what I was doing wrong and knew what I needed to do to get back on track. And…then I had 3 bad weeks.  It is fairly easy in retrospect to see what happened.  One of the problems during February was that I had bought bags of popcorn with drizzled chocolate on them.  And, I was overeating them.  After I weighed in on March 11, I still had a couple of bags left.  I just wanted them gone and resolved not to buy again.  The problem is that I then…ate the bags over 2 days.  That added a lot of calories to the start of that week.  That would have been OK, but my mother came to visit us to celebrate her 93rd birthday.  As a result, later that week we went on eat to celebrate her birthday and those calories added on resulted in that not being a great week.

The next week we took her out to eat again and then another day we brought in Which Wich and, again, the week as a whole was high.  My mom did go back home. But, after two bad weeks it was easy to remain off track.  One day we impulsively ordered in pizza and that was a bad two days (the day we ordered the pizza and the next day when I had leftovers).  And, there was the day I impulsively had fast food when I was out running errands.  Et cetera.

And, then, April was starting and it was a good time to get back on track.  And, I did!  The first week of April was great from a food standpoint and a calorie deficit standpoint. The best week I’ve had since the first week in January.  I wasn’t ready to weigh in on the first Saturday since my weight was up after the bad weeks in March, so I didn’t go my Weight Watchers meeting.  I really thought everything was back on track and that I would probably weigh the next week.

But, then I had another bad week.  This week was different from the other weeks I overate.  This was mostly a stress reaction.  I had some things going on that increased my stress level and I tend to overeat in that situation.  Part of it is that I don’t have the energy then to worry about eating and I just want something easy to do.  Another part of it is trying to feel better by eating.  I did recognize around the middle of the week what I was doing and I got hold of myself the last few days, but the damage had been done at the start of the week.

But, since then, I’ve done well.  For the last two weeks, I have eaten well and from my Fitbit stats I had a calorie deficit.  And, I am down a few pounds from my high over the past 7 weeks.  I feel that I am now thoroughly back on track.  This past week was even a great week for food even though it was my birthday.  I did track on my birthday and planned for it during the week.  I had a great meal out, but didn’t go totally wild and chose not to have a dessert that day.

Why, though, did my weight go up 1.4 pounds if I have done well the past two weeks?  Three reasons.  Most importantly, those two good weeks didn’t really undo the 3 bad weeks after my March weigh in.  The one bad week 3 weeks ago wasn’t great, but the real damage was done in March.  A couple of good weeks weren’t enough to overcome that.

Another factor was my birthday dinner.  I ate at a Mexican food restaurant where it was high sodium.  While that was a few days ago, I did go up in weight the day after the meal and it didn’t all come down by today even though I was eating well on every day.  The final factor was the, well, food still passing through my body.  Let me put it this way.  I went to the restroom after I got home from my weigh in.  Had, the order been the other way I wouldn’t have had to pay.

I knew when I weighed at home this morning that I would have to pay.  I estimated I would weigh in .2 or .4 above the 2 pounds you are allowed to be over goal without paying.  As I turned out I was .4 pounds above that marker.  I will be honest and say that I considered not going today.  I had 2 other options other than attending today.  I could wait until tomorrow.  There is a Sunday meeting where I attend and I could have eaten carefully today and weighed in tomorrow.  That was the absolute last opportunity to weigh in during April.  I did consider doing this.  But, we (my husband and I) generally prefer the Saturday meeting and the Sunday meeting is 30 minutes earlier.  I really didn’t want to go to that meeting.  And, there was no real guarantee I would be lower tomorrow.  I thought there was a good chance.  I usually eat lower calories two days a week and Friday is one of those two days.  I ate that was this Friday and usually I have a loss the next morning.  The one this morning was lower than typical (probably because of the sodium and food factors mentioned above).  Had I eaten carefully today, I probably would have been down half a pound tomorrow morning.  But, there was definitely a possibility I would not be.  My husband and I usually go out to eat for lunch on Saturday and I didn’t really want to give that up.

Another option was to skip the April weigh in entirely.  If I went to today’s meeting and weighed in more than 2 pounds above goal weight I would have to pay $15.  Then, if I weigh in at 2 pounds or less above goal in May, I would not have to pay.  The other option was to skip April and weigh in during May when I was at 148 or below.  I would have to pay $15 in May because I hadn’t weighed in during April.  Either of these two options would result in me having to pay $15.  There would be no economic difference.

Skipping the April weigh in, though, would have one huge advantage.  I loved the fact that since I got back to goal almost two years ago, I had never missed a monthly weigh in and I never weighed in more than 2 pounds above goal weight.  Even when I had my tummy tuck in late July, I was able to weigh in during August.  If I skipped the April weigh in, but had a good May weigh in, I would be able to continue saying that I had never weigh in more than 2 pounds above goal weight.  I would be breaking my monthly weigh in streak.  In fact, I’ve weighed in at least once a month during the entire time I’ve had this blog.  I didn’t always weigh weekly before I got back to goal (I usually did, though), but I always weighed in at least monthly.  I would have hated to lose that weighing in monthly streak.

But, I hate the idea of weighing in more than 2 pounds above goal more.  I especially hate reporting here.   I worry that readers will now expect me to keep going up.  I really don’t believe that will happen.  I have been back on track for two weeks and have every reason to think I will stay there.   Early May is always difficult for me.  My son’s birthday is this week and then Mother’s Day is not far away.  So, I always have to maneuver around those.  Still, I expect to do that successfully this year as well.

Why did I weigh in for the gain this month, rather than skipping April and weighing in during May?  Simply put, I know that is dangerous.  While I expect to be successful at getting back to 148 or below during May, it is really bad to be over-confident.  Way back in the last millenium, I got to my Weight Watchers goal the first time.  I went through maintenance and was happily lifetime.  Things did not go well.  I went out of town and ended up 5 pounds over goal.  Really, not that big a deal. But, I didn’t want to weigh in above goal and return as a failure (that was how I thought of it then).  So, I decided to go back when I lost those 5 pounds.  It was years before I returned, many more pounds above goal.  I vowed then that if I ever got back to goal I wouldn’t do that again.  If I was more than 2 pounds above goal, I would weigh in.  There would never be a more important time to weigh in.  And, I still feel that way. And, that is why I didn’t skip the April weigh in.



  1. Carolyn Hwang says

    Thanks for sharing your ups and downs, positives and negatives. I believe you are living the lifestyle, not just dieting, and you’ve learned much through your journey. I think your last comment says it all: ” If I was more than 2 pounds above goal, I would weigh in. There would never be a more important time to weigh in. And, I still feel that way. And, that is why I didn’t skip the April weigh in.” Good luck in May!

  2. pat says

    You are brave. Thank you for owning it. I ,too , sucked it up and went to my April weigh -in after waiting 7 weeks and thinking I might have to pay. I lucked out this time. But I am still bingeing and not in control and will have to pay the piper if I don’t get back on track and start following the program as it is meant to be followed.

    thank you for your blog and inspiration pat

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