March April Goal Update

I forgot to post on goals at the end of March, probably because I did so poorly during March.  So, this covers March and April.  My two primary goals are to cook more food at home and to start going to the Y and work on strength training.

I did terrible on both of these during March.  In March I ate out too much and ate too much processed foods.  And, I wasn’t active at all.  April was marginally better.  I cooked more at home.  My average daily calories eaten were 240 calories a day less than in March (and March had been better than February).  January was my best month this year on eating, but April was pretty good despite my being up 1.4 pounds at my April weigh in.  I would like to cut it about 50 calories a day, but overall I was happy with it.

While I am doing more eating at home and less processed foods, I haven’t done in freezer meals during April.  I have a couple of things that I like to make for quick meals — a turkey chili and some chicken/bean wraps — but I haven’t done them.  This is on my list for May.

As for exercise, I haven’t been to the Y yet and haven’t started strength training.  During the last month or so we have had a lot of errands to run and things taking up a lot of time during the day when I would usually go to the Y.  And, I didn’t feel good for a week or so which didn’t help.  That said, I did increase activity at home.  I’ve been using the treadmill more and worked on increasing my steps.  They are still pitiful overall, but April was still my best month for this year.  As a result, I did burn more calories per day during April (according to my Fitbit) than I did for any other month this year.  It still is not great, but it is better than it was.

I was actually going to start going to the Y, but I may defer it for awhile.  I will post more about this soon, but I am having some plastic surgery revision later in May.  I am going to have a little revision to my eye and will be having some upper abdominal liposuction.  I am very happy with my surgery overall, but there is a small area that I want to have revised on my eye.  That isn’t a big deal.  But, I am also having some upper abdominal liposuction mostly because of an area in the upper abdomen that is a bulge where I am not symmetrical.  Bottom line is that this surgery will have a bit of a recovery time so I may not be able to do strength training for awhile after I do the surgery.  Given that, not sure I want to get started on doing it until after I recover from the surgery.

I do, however, plan to do much more walking for this month before surgery (and as much as I can after as well).  Will post pictures of what I am revising soon.


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