Surgery Update and Upcoming Surgery Revision and Liposuction

I mentioned in an earlier post so that I will soon be having some additional revision surgery related to my prior plastic surgery.  I will be having that surgery in 2 weeks.  I wanted to update about my surgery and this planned revision.  Overall, I am extremely happy with the surgery that I had last year.  One year ago I had facial surgery.  I had a upper and lower eyelid surgery, a facelift, temporal browlift, and removal of cholesterol deposits around my eyes.  Overall, I am very happy with the results.  Below is a side by side picture of me on my birthday a couple of weeks ago compared to my birthday last year shortly before surgery.

I was almost shocked when I looked at these photos side by side.  I’ve gotten used to the new face and I had forgotten how big a change exists from then to now.  Just looking at the current photo (as well as looking in the mirror), I am so happy with the result.

Then, in July I had a tummy tuck and breast lift.  I have also been extremely happy with that surgery. Here is a side by side photo of my tummy pre-surgery and then a photo taken last October.  Again, you can see there is a huge difference.

I will leave to your imagination the changes with the breast lift, but those are just as dramatic.Since I had the surgeries, I did have one revision surgery in November.  I had some more cholesterol deposits around my eyes removed (these could not all be done at one time) and had some revisions related to my ear and a small revision related to a suture on my left eye.  That all went well.  This was all done in my surgeon’s office and just required local anesthesia and didn’t take very long.

I knew even then I might be having revision to address the areas that are being addressed with this revision.  For my face, there are two things that will be done.  First, I have one small cholesterol deposit near my left eye that will be removed.  The bigger revision is to my right upper eyelid.  I have long felt that I might still have a little excess skin on that right eye.  Sometimes those kinds of things resolve over time so I talked to my surgeon about it and we agreed to wait to decide at closer to a year after surgery.  There were a couple of issues like this.  For example, soon after surgery I had deep dimples whenever I smiled.  Those resolved over time.

The right upper eyelid did improve over time to a point, but I felt it was still a little droopy.  Here is a photo that shows that eye.

Here is a closeup of the right eye which shows the area with the excess skin.

My surgeon looked at this and said that it would be easy to remove the excess skin.  If I was only having that done along with the cholesterol deposit this could be done very briefly in the office with local anesthesia.

However, I am also going to address an issue on my upper abdomen.  There are two issues that I am going to address with liposuction of the upper abdomen.  The biggest issue is an area of fat in the upper abdomen that is a little big of an asymmetrical bulge above my new belly button.  It is hard to describe this or photograph it.  But, here is an attempt from a photo last October.

It is a little hard to see but above the belly button on the left (it is really the right but this photo was taken of a mirror), you can see that there is what looks like a little bulge.  If I look down at my abdomen one side bulges more than the other side.

I really don’t like the bulge.  My understanding from what I’ve read is that sometimes this happens with liposuction.  When I had the tummy tuck, there was some liposuction done of the upper abdomen.  My understanding is that surgeons are often cautious in doing liposuction of the upper abdomen while doing a tummy tuck because they don’t want to compromise blood supply and hurt wound healing.  Some surgeons don’t do upper abdomen liposuction during a tummy tuck at all.  In my case, my surgeon did do some upper abdomen liposuction.

My understanding is that with liposuction there is often some uneven contours.  I noticed this months ago, but it was possible it would resolve.  Sometimes this is swelling that does resolve over time.  And, a lot of the swelling that I had last fall has resolved.  But, this one area of unevenness remains and I will don’t like it.  It nags at me.  I know that perfect symmetry is not realistic, but I think this can be improved.

The other reason for the liposuction is based upon the limitations of upper abdomen liposuction during a tummy tuck.  As mentioned, my surgeon was cautious in doing this during the tummy tuck.  I am glad that he was cautious as I didn’t want him to take any inappropriate risk.  But, the result is that I do have some upper abdomen fat that compares unfavorably to the lower abdomen which doesn’t have this fat.  Honestly, this bothers me less than the bulge near my belly button.  If it wasn’t for the asymmetrical bulge, I’m not sure if I would be having the upper abdomen liposuction done.

On the one hand, excess fat in the upper abdomen should be something I could address by losing more weight.  On the other hand, you can’t spot reduce that specific area and losing weight wouldn’t really solve the asymmetrical bulge (it might make it smaller, but it might not go away).  And, to lose enough weight that the upper abdominal fat would go away might require me to lose weight to a weight that is unsustainable for me.  Even when I weighed in the low 120s, I tended to store fat in the abdominal area.  So, I am not sure the remaining upper abdominal fat would go away even if I lost another 20 punds or so.

Doing the liposuction does make the revision surgery more major.  I will be under a general anesthesia for this so it requires more than just having the facial stuff done.  Still, I think I will be happier to do the liposuction to improve my abdominal contour.  Note that this liposuction is not a weight loss method.  Doing the tummy tuck and breast lift both only resulted in the removal of a little over 6 pounds of skin and fat (mostly skin).  Doing the liposuction on the upper abdomen will be way less than that.  It is a method of contouring my upper abdomen, not a way to lose weight.

I will be having a pre-op appointment later this week and will post after that appointment.


  1. Claudia says

    Even with the bulge, your surgeon did a fantastic job with the tummy tuck! It’s something I’ve thought about doing, if I ever successfully get to goal, so I really appreciate how candid you are about your experience.

    • says

      Thanks! I am really happy with all the surgery I had done. And, I love the tummy tuck. Things are SO much better. But, I knew going in that there might be a need to do some small revisions later so I am fine with doing that to refine things.

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