May Weigh In

I weighed in for May today.  I was down .8 pounds to 147.6 pounds. That puts me back in free lifetime range for Weight Watchers (not more than 2 pounds above my goal weight of 146).  I was very unhappy with my April weigh in which was my only one above 148 pounds since I got back to free lifetime status in June of 2015.

I had a really good week this past week.  I particularly wanted to do well and weigh in this week since I know I will have some temporary weight gain after my revision surgery due to the upper abdominal liposuction being done.  I am not sure how long that will last.  It lasted 2 weeks with the tummy tuck.  I would expect it to be shorter for this, but I probably won’t be ready to weigh in the first Saturday after surgery.

I do feel I am back on track eating. During the time I was off track, I did track consistently.  But, I was going over on both calories and points.  There were always reasons…but they mostly weren’t particularly good reasons.   But, it became easier and easier to just go over and say I would get on track at the next meal, or the next day, or even the next week.  It was a real reminder to me as to how easy it can be to get out of one developed good habit and go back to an old not so good routine.

Maybe I needed that reminder.  Maybe I needed to remember what it was like to not keep careful control over what I eat.  Maybe over the last couple of years I started to get a little over confident.  I mean on the outside I said the right things.  But, I think on the inside I got a little over confident and thought I wouldn’t really gain weight again.  This has reminded me that I can get off track and gain weight if I don’t follow good habits.


  1. carol says

    Hi, I came across your blog last year after joining Weight Watchers, and it really helped me! I lost 20 pounds which brought me to 146 pounds, just at the high end of my healthy weight range. I wanted to lose another 10, but decided to take a break, as I was feeling a bit weary. I’ve managed to maintain my weight for 6 months now — which was actually pretty easy, as I’ve stayed with some good WW eating habits, plus I get lots of exercise. I’d really love to shed those last 10 pounds, though — my problem is, I’m having trouble getting motivated. (It was easier when I looked terrifying in a swimsuit, but that’s no longer the case!) Any suggestions for tackling those last few pounds? Thank you!

    • says

      I actually have the exact same problem. 146 is the top of my range and my official goal weight. I do find it hard to get those last few pounds. I can’t really cut many more calories and it is harder to lose now that I am in the normal weight range. I think that for me what may help me to the most is to get more exercise. After I recover from my upcoming surgery I plan to work mostly on burning more calories. I’ll see how it goes….

  2. carol says

    Thank you, Kitty! I am going back to WW and will see how it goes. I am sure that exercise is the main reason I’ve kept off the weight I lost, but don’t think I can increase significantly — I already walk nearly a mile every day, plus 5 hours a week at the gym (2 hrs Zumba, 1 hr fitness/weight training, 1 hr pilates, 1 hr yoga–whew! ) As you said, it’s harder to lose those last few pounds when you are within normal range. Maybe if I offer myself some kind of reward (new clothes, a great vacation, etc.) I’ll feel more motivated as I dive back into WW. Anyway thanks so much for your terrific blog, and hope the surgery goes well!

    • says

      Good luck! It does sound like you are doing good on the exercise front. And, that leaves cutting out calories. I think in the normal range it is hard to cut out a lot of calories to make a huge difference. I have had some success having a couple of days a week that I really work to eat lower calorie and then eat normal on the other days. That cuts down my average calories per day for the week, but most days I am eating normally with weekly points. But, on the other two days I am much more careful.
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