Surgery Update

It has been 6 days since I had the surgery that I posted about a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to post an update.  Things have gone well, although this recovery has actually been more painful than either my previous surgeries.

I had surgery last Monday.  Basically there were two parts to the surgery.  First, I was having some facial surgery.  I was having a revision to my right eye lift to remove some additional skin.  While I was overall happy with my results I felt I had a little more skin drooping on my right eye than my left.  My surgeon had indicated that my brow was a little lower on the right eye (that is, it started that way) and removing any more skin in the initial surgery would have resulted in too long of a scar.  So, I have known for months that I would likely want to have this revision done.

Additionally I had a couple of final cholesterol deposits removed on both eyes near my nose.  I had a number of these deposits previously removed, but they can’t be done all in one surgery.

This is how my right eye looked in April.

Recovery from this part of my surgery has been really easy.  This is how it looked the day after surgery.

That all looks more painful than it really was.  I could feel it, but it really wasn’t bad at all. I did have a lot of bruising.  In fact, a day or so after this I really had a black eye and had a lot of bruising on my right cheek.  Since then the bruising has faded a lot.

These pics are from today.  As you can see, it looks a lot better.

I am supposed to get the stitches out on Tuesday and I am looking forward to that.  It is, too early to know exactly how the revision to the eye lift will go.  I still have swelling and stitches so I can’t tell a whole lot.  And, at this point, I don’t know exactly how the scar will heal.  That said, I can clearly see that the excess skin that was on the right eye isn’t there any more and I am pleased with how it looks at this point.

The second part of my surgery that I had done was abdominal liposuction.  When I had my tummy tuck and breast lift last July, I was very happy overall with the results.  The tummy results were really astounding and wonderful.

However, there were a couple of things in the upper abdomen that bothered me.  It is really hard to see it but on the right side in post-surgery pic above near the bully button I had a pocket of fat that wasn’t asymmetrical and sort of bulged compared to the other side.  It wasn’t a huge deal but I didn’t like how my profile looked.  I liked the look of the lower abdomen but the upper contour wasn’t as flat and symmetrical as I wanted.  Here is how it looked last November.

I talked to my surgeon about it and the best method to correct was through doing liposuction just to the upper abdomen.  This was not done to lose weight, but to improve the contour.  While I am still super early in healing I am really happy with the results so far.

The one thing that has been a little bit of a surprise to me is how painful this procedure was.  I was actually not very anxious about this surgery since I saw the liposuction as being so minor in comparison to the tummy tuck and everything else.  However, for the first couple of days this was more painful than the tummy tuck/breast lift.  Now, I know a lot of this is because I had Exparel when I had the mommy makeover.  Exparel is a local anesthetic that numbs the area where the surgery is performed.  This lasts for a few days after surgery.  So, during those few days my pain was greatly reduced from what it would have been without the Exparel.  I did have pain, of course, but just not what I would have had without it.  I’m sure my mommy makeover surgery would have been more painful than this liposuction if I had not had Exparel.  In fact, during the mommy makeover surgery I did have some limited liposuction.

So, I understand why this procedure might be more painful than what I expected in comparison to my surgery last summer.  Still, it was more painful than I really expected.  I’ve been taking pain medication which has helped.  I was on stronger pain meds for the first couple of days than I am now, but I am still taking medication.    It was hard the first couple of days to get up and down out of a chair, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as with the tummy tuck.

I am also wearing a heavy compression garment with a foam pad inside it.  I really hate wearing it.  I do know it is necessary so that I heal properly and it helps with the swelling, but it is really uncomfortable.  A lot of that is due to the post-surgery swelling.  From before surgery to the morning after, I gained 10 pounds!  About half of that has dissipated, but I still have about 5 pounds of extra weight.  The same thing happened with my tummy tuck and it took almost 2 weeks to go away.  I was expected it, but it was still startling.

The thing about the swelling is that it makes the compression garment really uncomfortable.  My side was sore not just from the procedure, but from the garment itself.  And when I take it off I have all kinds of strange folds and marks on my skin.

All of that said, from what I can see at this early point I think I am going to happy with the liposuction.  These photos were taken 5 days after surgery.

You can’t tell a whole lot from these photos but if you look at the bottom photo and compare it to the profile photo from last November, you can see that I have an overall flatter profile without the upper abdomen bulge.  And, this is with my still having a lot of swelling in the upper abdominal area.

I do still have a lot of bruising and you can see all the marks and creases from the compression garment.  But, I am already so much happier with how the upper abdomen looks that I think I will like the results if I continue to heal as I have so far.

Eating wise, I’ve done pretty well.  The first few days after surgery I just ate whatever I wanted.  I did track, but didn’t really pay much attention to points or calories.  The past few days I actually haven’t been all that hungry and I’ve paid more attention to what I’m eating.  I am not being very active right now, so I do want to be careful.  Once I’ve recovered from this my primary goal is to get back to being more active and to lose the pounds I gained during the early part of this year.



  1. carolm says

    Hi, I hope you will not mind my giving unsolicited advice. The other day I attended a memorial service for the sister of a dear friend of mine. My friend’s son is getting married this summer, and her sister decided to surprise the family by getting a facelift before the wedding. Shortly after getting out of the o.r., her heart stopped; they still don’t know why. Obviously the entire family is devastated. I realize this is not a common occurrence, but please be careful with all this surgery.

    • says

      There is absolutely no doubt that surgery involves risk and general anesthesia involves a risk. When I signed my surgical consents I read the risks carefully and thought a lot about whether I was prepared to take the risk. In my case, I decided that the risk for me was one that I was prepared to take. However, I can certainly understand and do not criticize at all other people deciding not to take the risk. In choosing a surgeon, I tried hard to minimize risk as much as possible by making a good choice and researching. But, risk can not be eliminated. For anyone considering surgeon, I certainly recommend carefully researching the options, choosing a board certified plastic surgeon and researching the surgeon and carefully considering all the risks of surgery including those that are only small risks. Risks should be discussed with the surgeon as well.

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