June Weigh In

I weighed in for June today at 146.8 pounds, down .8 pounds since May.  I have finally lost most of the fluid retention from surgery. After surgery in May I was up over 10 pounds from my May weigh in!  I was really happy about this weigh in for a couple of reasons.

First, June is the 2 year anniversary of me getting back to free lifetime.  I certainly am glad to be there now.  I am still up several pounds from my low weight last August.  My next goal is to get back to where I was then.  Still, I am finally going in the right direction.

Second, I’ve been able to put together 2 really good weeks.  A big part of why I haven’t made a lot of progress the past few months is that I wasn’t putting together good weeks.  Earlier in the year, I had a couple of bad months (February and March) where I ended up not having a calorie deficit and basically gained almost 5 and a half pounds.  Since then, I struggled to lose that weight because I wasn’t consistently doing well.  I would have a great week and then a bad week.  So, putting together good weeks and staying consistent was important to me.  For 3 of the last 4 weeks, I have had a good week and per Fitbit, I had a calorie deficit.  Even for the week where I didn’t have a deficit I was really close to being even for that week.

As I have often posted, a big key for me is to have a routine where I rely on consistent habits that help me to focus my eating.  The last 2 weeks I ate really well and was very consistent in keeping up a calorie deficit.  My next goal is to kick up my calorie burn so that I will have a larger calorie deficit.

I am at a point in my recovery from surgery that I can start doing that.  My surgery on my eyelid is doing great. Recovering from the upper abdominal liposuction has been rougher than I really thought it would be.  But at almost 3 weeks post surgery, things are going much better.  I finally was able to quit using the heavy medical grade compression garment.  I still have to wear a Spanx like garment with a piece of foam in it, but that is much more comfortable. I still get a fair amount of swelling from the surgery.  From morning to evening, I gain about 2 inches to my waistline from swelling.  But, I know that eventually that will go away as it did with the tummy tuck. And, there isn’t much pain any more.  I still get tired easily, which the surgeon said was common after general anesthesia.  I am not yet ready to do heavy exercise, but I am slowly increasing my steps and working on burning more calories.  I want to keep doing that and hope to soon be able to actually start going to the Y and doing some strength training.  If I can burn more calories, then I can lose more weight to get back to where I want to be.



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