Taking Stock at Mid-Year

Yes, it is halfway through 2017.  Actually, it seems like the year has just begun.  So, where am I at this point?

This last 6 months hasn’t really been great.  From a weight standpoint, this has been the most difficult period since I got back to goal in the summer of 2015. At my December, 2016 weigh in, I was at 142.8 pounds.  In June, I was at 146.8 pounds.  My Weight Watchers goal weight is 146 and I am free lifetime so long as I don’t weigh above 148 pounds.  Since I got back to goal, I’ve been above that mark exactly once.  That was in April when I weighed in at 148.4 pounds.  Since, then I’ve gone down.  But, I am expecting to be above 148 when I weigh in this Saturday.

And, the weight gain has been for predictable reasons.  Part of it was overeating.  I have been up and down the entire year.  January was a good month and I weighed in at 141.6 in February.  I think that led to some over-confidence and lack of focus on eating.  And, I was up to 147 in March.  I was more careful for awhile then went off the rails and was above 148 in April.  I then got it together the last 2 weigh ins, but overate when I was sick for about 10 days and I still have swelling from my surgery in May.

My goals at the start of the year were to cook more at home and to rejoin the Y and start strength training again.  I’ve done some of the cooking at home.  I get maybe a C on that one.  I am cooking more at home, but not as much as I planned.  The bigger problem has been that some of my food choices haven’t been great.  I am toying with the idea of signing up for one of those meal preparation services for maybe 3 dinners a week where they send you the ingredients and you cook the food.  This would replace one of our dining out times during the week which I think would help with the eating and staying within my calorie/points goals.

Exercise pretty much has to be an F.  I did rejoin the Y.  And, that is it.  I didn’t actually go and start working on strength training.  I could give all sorts of reasons.  This has been a busy year for us, etc.  But, honestly, I just haven’t made it a priority.  And, then I was derailed with the liposuction touch up I had done to my tummy tuck in May.  Still, I haven’t really done anything from an exercise standpoint.  Until I had surgery last May (in 2016), I was regularly going to the Y.  I had a trainer twice a week.  And, when whether was good, I would walk outside with my husband several days a week.  When it wasn’t or it was too hot, I would use the treadmill or exercise bike at home.  I was doing well.  Then after the facial surgery, I couldn’t exercise for awhile.  About when I could, I had the tummy tuck/breast lift which caused even more delay.  So, that explains the rest of 2016.  But, I have no excuse for the first 4 1/2 months of this year.

The best I can see is that I am now using the treadmill again.  I am finally feeling better and have made a big push this week to start getting more steps and doing some walking on the treadmill.  It still isn’t a lot, but is way more than it has been.

So…things are just sort of blah now.  I was a bit alarmed when I saw the other day I was up 7 pounds from where I was at last weigh in.  Now, I’ve lost about 3 pounds of that since then.  A lot of that seems tied to post-lipo swelling.  I started wearing the heavier compression garment again and that has helped with the swelling.  But, I also know that I have legit gained a pound to pound and a half.  And, that could easily end up being more when I weigh in on Saturday since I have the swelling on top of it.  So, I know I will end up having to pay.

This year has been busy and stressful.  I’ve also had a lot of trouble sleeping.  I had a lot of trouble adjusting to the time change this year.  And, I just can’t seem to get into a good routine.  I think I’m OKish.  While I expect to be up at my July weigh in, there is no reason I can’t be back in the goal range in August.  I think that part of maintenance is learning how to adjust to these kinds of things and nipping it in the bud when the weight goes up so it isn’t a big deal to get back on track.



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