July Weigh In

I weighed in today and was unsurprised to weigh in at 150.6 pounds, up 3.8 pounds from last month.  As I posted, this is primarily related to post-liposuction swelling made super worse because of me being sick for a week and a half.  I saw my doctor a couple of days ago and he assured me that most of this is swelling, not fat.  I am actually down 3 pounds from where I was at the start of the week.  At one point I was up 7 pounds!

I did overeat while I was sick.  And, that on top of inactivity didn’t help.  From looking at Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, the true weight gain from that should be about 1.5 pounds.  That may be off a bit, but I think not by a whole lot.  Overall, I had a reasonably good week eating this week.  I was a bit more active and even used the treadmill.  I had a small calorie deficit for the week.

Since I was weighing in today I didn’t wear a compression garment.  I measured my waist when I got up and just measured it this evening.  It is 3 inches larger now than it was this morning.  It just shows how much swelling I can have in a day particularly when I don’t wear a compression garment (which doesn’t totally prevent the swelling, but helps to not be as bad).

Because this was my official weigh in and was above 148 pounds, I had to pay for the meeting.  I was actually OK about it.  I know why this happened and know that it will get better with time.  I know that I have to be careful though to keep watching what I eat.  While swelling is doing a number on my scale number right now, I have to be careful to not pay attention to what I eat.  That is, even though I have swelling, I can have real gain if I overeat.

The doctor says the swelling can happen off and on for the next couple of months.  It was so bad this past week or so due to being sick.  As I am healthier, I expect it to go down.  But, it can come back easily in the next couple of months.  I am hopeful, though, that it will be gone enough that I will have a good August weigh in although I could be in the middle of a swelling cycle when that happens.  But, for now, I am just going to work on continuing to eat well and work on continuing to increase activity/


  1. pat says

    I’m reading your blog in hopes of figuring out a way not to throw my scale through a window! It’s been a bad winter for me with illness (migraines, thyroid, new medications) and a cutback in activity. I’m not the same person I was in January and I am NOT happy about it at all. I was back at Lifetime and goal weight last fall and enjoyed weighing below 140. July was the first month I’ve had to pay in the 9 months since returning to LT and it hurt! At one point I was 6 pounds over but usually hover just above the 142 pound “paying” limit. I want to go to weekly meetings but don’t want to pay! I’m weighing and tracking my food and really trying to follow the plan. I’m able to do less the half the exercise I was doing before so I guess that’s the difference. Still working with doctors too figure out how to all the reason my stamina and strength disappeared. All this is a struggle! Thanks for your blog!

    • says

      I absolutely know how it is. I hate having to pay as well, but I do think it helps to suck it up and go to weekly meetings. When illness and not being able to exercise interfere that just makes it so much harder. So frustrating.

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