Keratin Hair Treatment Update

I posted the other day about getting a keratin hair treatment to try to help my damaged hair that also tends to be very frizzy.  I was at my wit’s end by the time I had it done.  When my hairdresser did a blowout, my hair looked nice.  When I would wash my hair, I could spend almost an hour drying my hair using all the techniques I was told to use and using all the products I was told to use.  And…it still looked awful.

I had the treatment on Friday and thought it looked great afterwards.

But, the real test would be when I could shampoo it today and I had to dry it myself.  I wasn’t expecting it to look as nice as when a hairdresser does it.  I just wanted it to look much better.  There were 3 advantages I wanted from the keratin treatment: (1) improve my hair so it didn’t seem as damaged, (2) faster drying time, and (3) lessen the frizziness and be mostly straight and smooth.  Of those three, the most essential was number 3.  As I was getting ready to shampoo my hair, I already knew that it felt better so (1) was taken care of.  I thought that having a faster drying time would be awesome.  But, I also thought that if it still dried into a frizzy mess, I would have felt I wasted a huge amount of money. [Read more…]

Rain Go Away! — and Changes in Routine

Rain, rain go away!

I am already tired of the Hurricane Harvey rain.  Of course, I am incredibly fortunate to not be in an area where this is resulting in truly tragic, life threatening flooding.  I live in a county north of Houston where there is a lot of rain, but it is not as dire as in Houston.  It is kind of hard to see from this picture but our house in on a lot that slightly slopes downward.  So the water from the property to our left runs down to our property.  But the rain on our property runs down to the right and away from us [Read more…]

Keratin Hair Treatment and an Update

Just a quick update on a couple of things.

Keratin Treatment

Today I had a keratin hair treatment.

It was a long and expensive process, but I am hoping I will like it.  My hair has a lot of damage to it from color and the perm I used to have.  However, even before that my hair tended to be a little frizzy.  I used to complain about my “triangle” hair:

It always just seem to shape itself into a triangle whenever I grew it out. Usually I got so frustrated when it got to be about shoulder length that I would always cut it.  And, the last few years with color and a perm, it has only gotten worse.  It looks nice when my hairdresser blows it out, but terrible when I do it no matter how careful I am.  I try not to have pictures taken of me when I’ve done my hair but here is a small part of an image a few weeks ago:

This is a little blurry looking, but you can see how rough and frizzy it is.  So, I looked for alternatives.  The obvious alternative was for me to simply go and get a blowout every week from the hairdresser.  That would work in terms of looking nice, but isn’t ideal.  First, it is expensive to do this every week.  Also, it means I lack flexibility.  I have to try to keep my hair where I don’t need to wash it more than once a week.  I can do that some weeks, but not always.

I talked to my hairdresser and we discussed possibly doing a Brazilian blowout.  She consulted with the hairdresser who had done my perm (and the straightening when I got tired of the perm) and she recommended a keratin treatment.  I spent several hours researching both options and I watched several youtube videos.  After thinking about it, I chose the keratin treatment.  I chose it because most sources seemed to feel it was a bit more effective and longer lasting.  The negative is that it is more of a pain to go through.  I can’t get my hair wet for 3 days and am supposed to avoid doing anything to crimp the hair in the meantime.  I can’t put my hair behind my ears, or wear my large headset, or put my glasses on top of my head.  And then 3 days from now, I can wash my hair again.

So, far I am happy with the result as shown in the top photo.  My hair is very smooth and feels great.  Of course, the real test will be how it responds when I am the one blow drying it.  I don’t expect it to look as great as when the hairdresser does it.  I am hoping that it will look good enough that I won’t feel I have to go and get it blown out every week.

Weight Watchers Update

I’ve had a really good week, but won’t be weighing in on Saturday.  The not getting my hair wet for 3 days was very untimely for me.  I live in Texas, near Houston.  I am not near the coast and don’t expect any problems from hurricane winds or storm surge.  However, I am expecting a lot of rain over the next several day.  The weather app on my phone gives 100% chances for rain through next Tuesday.  And, of course, there is a possibility of power loss.  Even if we have power tomorrow, I don’t want to go to Weight Watchers because of the likely heavy rain.  And, with my hair not needing to get wet, I especially don’t want to go.

So, I stopped by this morning and just checked in and got my charm for attending during the summer.  While there won’t be a weigh in for this week, I am very happy with how the week went.  I’ve done well on eating and I have exercised for 5 days this week.  I’ve greatly increased my steps and feel I have finally gotten back into exercise as a regular thing.

Goal Weight Redux

Yes, once again, I want to talk about goal weight.  I’ve already recently posted about how I think that having an official goal weight of 146 has had a negative effect on my staying at a weight below 146.  The clearest example of this was that I had 6.4 pounds removed through a tummy tuck/breast lift a year ago and I was magically instantly well below my official goal weight.  Yes, I needed to eat a little bit fewer calories to maintain it, but that should have been doable.  And, yet, I didn’t.  And, I think the main reason was that my mind kept thinking that it was OK to be at 146 the top of the normal range and my official goal weight.

I can’t do anything about 146 being the top of the BMI normal range.  I can remind myself that BMI is valuable, but isn’t everything.  Even with a normal BMI, I am skinny fat with a high body fat percentage for my weight.  I have to keep that in mind.  But, I can do something about my Weight Watchers official goal weight.  As I mentioned earlier, I plan to reset my goal weight as I lose weight below 146.  So, if I get to 142 pounds, I would reset my goal to 143 and so on.

But, all of that begs the question:  What should the goal weight be that I aim for?  I have definitely talked about this more than once on this blog.  Sometimes, I go back and read old posts of mine and it reminds me that something has been a long standing issue.  In a post a year and a half ago, I talked about goal weight versus ideal weight.  At that time, I didn’t come to any firm conclusion.  I was worried then about my Weight Watchers goal being at the top of the range having a negative effect on me.  But, then, I wasn’t willing to reset it lower.  I also knew that I need to lose fat since my body fat is so high.  And, I do not build muscle easily at all.  I did a full year of strength training and didn’t build significant additional lean mass.  I do think I largely maintained what I had and I got somewhat stronger.  I think that the weight I lost during that time was fat rather than a mixture of fat and muscle.  So, I think the strength training was of benefit for me. [Read more…]

Weigh In. Free Lifetime Again!

I weighed in today and was at 148 pounds, down .6 pounds.  

While that is 2 pounds above my official goal weight, it isn’t more than 2 pounds above.  That is important because it meant I was back to free lifetime and didn’t have to pay.  Whew!  I’ve hated having to pay.  I was so happy to get back there.  I weighed in wearing the absolute bare minimum of clothes (I had my “real” clothes with me to change into once I weighed).  Psychologically, getting back to 148 was a big boost.

Of course, as I mentioned before I think that having a goal weight of 146 has made it harder for me to consistently stay below that.  Once I get a few pounds below I start thinking I have room to spare and tend to eat more until I get back up to goal.  So, this time as I work my way down I plan to reset my goal weight periodically until I get to a point where I am happy with where I am and feel it is a weight I can maintain.  Currently, my plan is to reset by goal weight to 143 pounds when I get to 142 pounds.  That would give me a 3 pound cushion for any temporary weight gain.

This week was actually a great week.  It was my best week in terms of calorie deficit in over 2 years (except for the week I had the tummy tuck when I had a huge deficit due to the fact I didn’t eat at all on surgery day and was on a liquid diet the day before and wasn’t very hungry the first couple of days after surgery).  Also, this was my best exercise week since I had my tummy tuck last year.  I walked on the treadmill for 4 days and, overall, just worked to get a lot more steps each day.  I wasn’t perfect, but much better than in past weeks.  This is the first week in a long time that I’ve averaged over 5000 steps a day.

The swelling is better, but still present.  I worse a compression garment for the past several days and even slept in a light one last night.  I still see variation in my waistline of about 3″ on some days.  Other days are much better.  I will be 3 months post liposuction later this week.  The doctor said the swelling can last 3 to 4 months.  I know that after my tummy tuck it seemed to take forever to go away.  So, I think I will continue to have some variability for another month or so.  Even though I was happy with my loss of .6 pounds, my deficit was such that I would have expected to lose more like .8 pounds.  Still, I was happy with the .6 pounds and was glad to be free again.