Saturday Weigh In 8-12-2017

I weighed in today down .8 pounds to 148.6 pounds.  I actually had a great week.  It was my best week of this year in terms of steps, calories burned, and calories eaten.  I was within my points goal for the week as well.  I walked on the treadmill 5 days this week ranging from 20 minutes to 35 minutes.

This was also the 4th week in a row that Fitbit says I had a calorie deficit.  This was important because I have tended to be inconsistent the last few months where I haven’t put together several good weeks.  The post-surgery swelling hasn’t totally gone away but seemed a bit better.  I do still have some days where I have a lot of swelling.

I would have liked to have been at 148 so I wouldn’t have to pay.  And, except for one thing I think I might have gotten there (or close to it).  Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday so we ate out.  I was super careful what I ate and planned before going to the restaurant.  I typically have a pattern that I use on “good” weeks.  I usually eat the highest calories and points on Saturday and Sunday.  We usually go out to eat on those days.  Then, Monday is a low calorie/point day.  Tuesday through Thursday are in the middle, sort of the default.  Then, Friday is another low calorie/point day.  So most of my weekly points are eaten on the weekends.  Maybe a few on Tuesday through Thursday and none on Monday and Friday.  This usually works well so that I am at my lowest weight on Saturday when I weigh in.

Because of the birthday yesterday, I made Thursday the lower calorie day and Friday I ate a little more although more like what I would usually eat on a Thursday not what I would eat on a weekend day when I would eat out.  So, on paper, I actually had a calorie deficit of 475 calories for yesterday.

But, eating out at a restaurant involves eating higher sodium foods. Let’s see.  I’ll go check my food record.  I ate about 2000 mg more sodium Friday than I ate Thursday.  And, when I eat more sodium that really increases  my swelling the next day.  Given all that I think there is a good chance I would have been down more this morning if I hadn’t eaten out on Friday.

All of that said, I was really happy with the week.  I was particularly glad that I walked on the treadmill 5 days.  I took it fairly slowly since it has been a long time since I really consistently used the treadmill.  But, getting back in that habit is important.



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    Ooh, so close! But you’ll get it next week, I’m sure!

    I forgot to give you an answer to your question on my blog about how I take a picture of the scale without adding in the weight of the phone. It’s not really any special trick…I just jump off the scale and take the picture very quickly before the display disappears. Lol! Sometimes I’m not fast enough, but usually I am. 😉
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