Rain Go Away! — and Changes in Routine

Rain, rain go away!

I am already tired of the Hurricane Harvey rain.  Of course, I am incredibly fortunate to not be in an area where this is resulting in truly tragic, life threatening flooding.  I live in a county north of Houston where there is a lot of rain, but it is not as dire as in Houston.  It is kind of hard to see from this picture but our house in on a lot that slightly slopes downward.  So the water from the property to our left runs down to our property.  But the rain on our property runs down to the right and away from us.

Still, the rain is resulting in lots of changes in routine.  And, changes in routine are one of the ways that I am most likely to get derailed on weight loss.  Right now, we are basically housebound.  We are already about 15 minutes from any kind of store and just getting out of our subdivision is difficult at best.  On the main exit out of our subdivision, the road we get on is totally shut down due to flooding.  There is a back exit that can currently be used and there are a few stores that are still reachable and open.  Many are closed and some are closing early.  We don’t really need to go out today, but it is a chance in routine.  We usually go out to eat on Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday, my husband went out briefly and did stop and get Subway on the way home.  Getting take out food like that has been an area where I have lately been not making good choices.  I can make a good choice at Subway, but in the last year I’ve been not making good choices.  I kept that in mind yesterday and felt good about ordering a reasonable lunch.  I actually ate less yesterday than I normally eat on a Saturday.

But, changes in routine made some things more difficult.  I woke up super early Saturday morning because of the loud rain.  It was hard to get back to sleep.  And, my phone kept buzzing with flash flooding and tornado alerts.  So, I didn’t get much sleep Friday night and was exhausted all day Saturday.  I ended up not getting hardly any steps and didn’t use the treadmill because I was so tired.

I did a little better on sleep last night, but I’m still tired.  And, it is so dreary with the rain coming down.  It is hard to get motivated to get steps around the house or to use the treadmill.  If I am not burning as many calories, I need to be especially careful what I eat.

My big goal for today is get up at least half hour and get some steps and to do at least 20 minutes on the treadmill later today.  That isn’t a lot, but keeps me on my routine.  This rain is likely to last for days and I can’t just take a vacation from activity and expect to have a good week.  Changes in routine are one of the things that are most likely to derail me.  When I get less active, I tend to also make less good eating choices.  The thing for me to remember is that the storm and rain doesn’t change my need to continue to make good food choices and to try to get at least some activity even though I can’t leave the house.


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