Keratin Hair Treatment Update

I posted the other day about getting a keratin hair treatment to try to help my damaged hair that also tends to be very frizzy.  I was at my wit’s end by the time I had it done.  When my hairdresser did a blowout, my hair looked nice.  When I would wash my hair, I could spend almost an hour drying my hair using all the techniques I was told to use and using all the products I was told to use.  And…it still looked awful.

I had the treatment on Friday and thought it looked great afterwards.

But, the real test would be when I could shampoo it today and I had to dry it myself.  I wasn’t expecting it to look as nice as when a hairdresser does it.  I just wanted it to look much better.  There were 3 advantages I wanted from the keratin treatment: (1) improve my hair so it didn’t seem as damaged, (2) faster drying time, and (3) lessen the frizziness and be mostly straight and smooth.  Of those three, the most essential was number 3.  As I was getting ready to shampoo my hair, I already knew that it felt better so (1) was taken care of.  I thought that having a faster drying time would be awesome.  But, I also thought that if it still dried into a frizzy mess, I would have felt I wasted a huge amount of money.

The shampooing went fine.  As part of the treatment, I had received a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.  This conditioner was just a put it in and rinse it out thing.  I didn’t have to leave it on for a long time.  So, already, this was easier than what I was doing before.

Then I went to dry it.  I usually just quickly knock the water off with the dryer before I then painstakingly round brush my entire head.  That takes forever and my arms feel like they are about to fall off by the time I get finished.  And, in the end, it doesn’t make much difference.  That is, if I do that I do end up with straight hair.  But, it is still straight, frizzy hair.

This time I noticed it took me very little time to knock the water off.  I started with the back and didn’t round brush at all.  The hairdresser had said I might not have to use the round brush at all, but might want to use it a little.  I would just have to try it and see.  So, I started with not using it on the back.  I was shocked that it only took a few minutes to dry the back and it dried very straight.

Then I did the front sides.  I pinned up the top sections and then dried the bottom sections using a round brush.  Again, it took very little time to do.  Then, I did the top sections.  Since those are most visible, that is what usually takes the most time.  That is the area where I am usually the most disappointed.  This time it took very little time to dry them.  I would estimate my total drying time as one-third the time it took to dry before!  And the results were amazing.

I am just ecstatic about how it turned out.  You can especially see it in the top picture when you compare it to the one I took on Friday right after I finished the treatment.  I would say that it looks about 90% as good as when the hairdresser does it.  I will totally take that.  I had been thinking I would need to get my hair blown out weekly, but if this continues like this I can totally do it myself.  While the treatment was expensive, it should last at least 3 months (the hairdresser said 3 to 6 depending upon how often I shampoo it and other factors).

So often, I read about some great product and then I do research or try it myself and find out that it really isn’t something all that wonderful.  This is one time that my results has exceeded my expectations.



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    Really appreciate the follow up. I’ve always been curious about keratin treatments, and getting the benefit of your insights and experience was great. Your hair looks awesome btw. Many thanks!

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